To the Single Ladies

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I feel so tired and sorry seeing women cry every now and then on social media over how some other woman stole their man. The story is a cliché and always goes like…”Oooh so and so stole my man, she’s such a b****, a slut with no self respect….but I’ll leave it to Karma”

My point, a man who hasn’t married you is not your man and for the men, a lady who isn’t married to you ain’t your woman. The use of the terms ‘my man’ and ‘my woman’ in such scenarios is just to help insecure characters sleep at night; it ain’t binding. And because the price of sugar is too high to keep sugarcoating another paragraph, lemmi get to the point plain and raw.

Ladies, if you are single and searching, know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with approaching a man who is in a relationship with another lady as long as they are not married. I have always held a conviction that if you are a lady aged 25 years and above and you are single and searching, chances of you finding an equally single man who has his shit together and is not in relationship are not as high as when you were 21 and in campus. You are better of trying your luck finding a unicorn.

So what do you do when every time you meet a good guy it’s always either he’s taken or he’s in a relationship? Do you crawl into your bed and proclaim that you will not destroy another woman’s relationship? That kind of mentality will have you buying cats and Chihuahuas in your early 40’s to keep you company. When you are above 25 years old you gotta be ruthless and decisive in this market as time is not on your side. Hii maneno ya God will send someone in his time achia first years and 19 year olds. You’ve got to go out there in the market and put a target on the man you want. If he’s in a relationship, poach him…alaah! Take him by force if need be.

The fact that two people met each other before you came into the picture does not mean that those people are meant to be. If that were so, then everyone would still be together with their so called “first love”. There is nothing wrong poaching a man who is in a relationship. She has only booked him and that’s all. The same way Rachel had booked Jacob in the Bible but Rachel’s sister Leah took Jacob on the night he was to wed Rachel. Be as clinical and as decisive as Leah.

Some people will be tempted to remark, ”Then even men should not bitch when their women are taken away from them.” Lemmi tell you one thing, you’d be surprised just how many men have their women taken away from them before their very eyes. Plenty of men have witnessed their women go with other men (I’m no exception), but men were built to weep in secrecy. He will go and cry in the toilet like a child but when he comes out of the toilet he be telling them other men. “Ahh..that lady? That one I dumped” or “I wasn’t feeling her.”

He won’t wail how his girlfriend was stolen from him because he comprehends that the world is a ruthless place and not his mum’s kitchen where he can get almost everything he wants. So ladies, if you like a man and he’s taken, not married, invite him to your place and cook him a meal. Don’t go to his place yet because “Unaweza chomwa na maji moto” as the cliché goes. Invite him to yours, cook him a meal and sell your manifesto.Campaign for yourself. Don’t be frightened by superstitious remarks like Karma will get you and such. Good things and bad things happen to everyone,

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  1. Well and truthfully said. I’m liberated.

  2. man eat man kinda society haha..lemme sharpen my claws

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