Those Who Did me Wrong

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She looked at her daughter who looked right back at her. Had she been teaching her the right kind of lessons? It’s only a matter of time before she left her protective wing and learn to fly on her own.

It was in the year I finished high school. I among all the other leavers were in such a rush. We couldn’t be still for a minute. It was as if we were let out of the taming cages and all our wilds went haywire. Literally.

Facebook being the most popular application then unlike your Instagram and Snapchat, I made friends almost everyday. I had virtual friends in almost every corner of the country and the world in general.

That’s how I met him. His name initials were MG I loved them. He was a delight. He was very handsome with these bushy eyebrows that sunk me deeper into loving him. At least I thought so.

As we kept messaging each other, we discovered that we both knew a mutual friend in person. That realization fuelled what we had to become a huge flame.

The mutual friend invited me to a party in his area and I was more than ready to go. On the said day, I dolled up and connected matatus through town to get to the trap house.

It was nothing like I expected. It was more of a tiny room than a house. I was dissapointed to learn that was where it would all be going down. I reserved myself space on the only available couch in the room as I was early.

A few hours later the party was in full swing. The school leavers were either sipping their drinks, smoking or swaying to the loud music from the speaker at a corner. I wasn’t enjoying the music much and I concentrated on the alcohol in my cup.

When I looked around, I saw him. He was sitting a bit further from me nodding his head to the track. I had no idea he would be there. I stole several glances at him and decided to make a run for it hoping he would recognise me.

I started dancing but my two left feet weren’t leaving much guessing. Anyone with a brain would have concluded I was no dancer. With the alcohol settling in my system, I felt more courageous than ever.

I walked up to him. He was surprised I was there. He hugged then asked me to sit on his lap as my place had already been filled. Oh the butterflies, the chills and the what nots than happen deep inside all did.

We talked about several things in our drunken stupor. He held my drink several times for me to drink. I was on my honeymoon! That was the most romantic thing anyone had done for me in 18 years of life.

We had our first kiss and countless others followed. By this time, we had been transported from the room full of lit humans to our own little world. We belonged together.

In his arms, we both fell asleep at around 5am after everyone else was long asleep. I can’t recall what we were talking about but it must have been how many rooms we would have in our house. For the kids.

No one said anything after we all sobered up. It was quite clear, we were married. Officially ‘man and wife’. As he and his friends walked me to the stage, we lagged behind to hold hands and peck each other.

Having met in person, we had exchanged contacts. All we did 24/7 was text back and forth of why he loved me and I loved him more. You know the trail. No text went unanswered. Calls were made late nights.

New Year’s Eve was a big deal for me that year. I had to celebrate the end of the miserable life in high school as well as usher in the year that will see me join college. Those were very important events hence careful planning needed.

With MG fully in my life, he had to be integrated into whatever would become of that night. I composed a text and asked him what he had on to welcome the new year. He would get back to me, he replied.

31st of December came. MG still hadn’t made up his mind. I was about to go all girl power and go solo when my phone flashed his name on the caller ID. I picked up on the second ring.

He invited me to join him and his friends. They would be going to a concert but I should drop by their place then we would go later on. Less than an hour later, I was on my way.

Three of them picked me up once I alighted. I couldn’t understand why he was with them yet it was our eve. I didn’t say much and I was thwarted when they lead me to the same area of the tiny ‘trap house’.

This time, our mutual friend led us to their house. As the night progressed, I figured we weren’t going anywhere. They had booze and MG was the only one with a girl. The other two had been stood up.

At midnight, we walked out to watch the fireworks. Happy New Year wishes were passed around. None of us had much energy and the host led us to his room. A double decker stood before us. We had several shots of a cheap brand of liquor.

The two of us were assigned the upper bed while the other two took the lower one. I went up first. MG followed after one last blunt. I thought we would be going to sleep but he had other plans.

One minute we were kissing, the next he was inside me..

“Eewww mum, stop it!” Kim, the daughter who has been listening keenly squeaks.

“Are you going to let me finish? If I want you to be honest with me then I’m going to let it all out,” she tells her.

“Skip the details of the sex please. I don’t want to hear it,” Kim begs pouting.

That should have been the most humiliating moment of my life. He did it right there, with me trying to push him away throughout. At some point, his friends asked me to stop resisting as they were ignoring us.

That stung. I knew they were very alert. I hated MG from the moment he refused to listen to my No. He went on and on. With all the struggling, I’m glad he had a small dick..


“Sorry baby. I want you to know how it is out there. In college, you will meet all hues of men. Learn to choose. I am not going to ask you if you have ever done it but I want you to be careful.

Don’t let a man decide when you are ready. Choose a man who fits you. Don’t let infatuation mislead you. Good night. I love you.”

“That is it? There is so much you have left out. For instance, where were granny and papa? Were you sneaking out? Have you forgiven MG? What would you do if you met him? Does dad know?” Kim asks.

“Go to sleep child. We have whole week to pack you up to a different country for your college studies.”

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