The Scramble and Partition for Likes

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Social media has become our world. A world where acceptance matters a lot; perhaps even a lot more than it matters in the real world. Sometimes I’m inclined to think that people are more concerned about how they look to fellow netizens than how they look in reality. Giving rise to a generation of social media addicts called slay queens, wannabes, socialites and of course the infamous slay kings.

Acceptance in this world comes in terms of how many likes your pictures or posts amass. Recently, I was joking with a friend of mine how his post likes never go beyond ten. And even without looking I could tell who those ten were because his is a small circle and I have always been among the ten. But that never really bothers him and social media isn’t his life as he put it. I found his view of life from that conversation and the self-esteem to be quite a spectacle to behold.

As you can imagine, that is where all this came from.  While there nothing wrong to broadcast what is happening in your life, I find it incumbent that people realize the importance of keeping their private lives to themselves. It is good to share; I mean, we all want to know what is happening in other people’s lives but distinguish between what is to be shared and what is to remain private.

We, Kenyan men, prefer our women thick with fine ass and curvy (you know them African beauties).This in return has caused a lot of less curvy women to feel lacking in those departments and hate their physique hence opting to go for makeovers despite the practice being too dangerous and equally expensive. They do this to seek affirmation which translates to likes and flattering comments. This, of course, is later broadcasted to us on social media and somehow we NEVER fail to click that like button.

That makes me wonder what happened to the belief of the verse “we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God”. It didn’t say the ones with big butt and curves are the only ones who are wonderfully made.

Recent days have seen ladies posting nudes get thousands of likes and comments while ladies decently dressed getting only a handful of likes. That paints a gruesome picture of our society; the social decadence tearing our fabrics. A case in point: there has recently been a lady taking social media by storm totally naked showcasing her ‘goodies’. She has on record gone live taking a shower. She has taken her love for likes a notch higher and decided to commercialize it making men, young and old alike stay awake in the ungodly hours of the night to catch the show.

The search for likes has taken to us to unimaginable heights. Anything that can give us the edge in this scramble goes. Affirmation has suddenly turned to defamation, self-destruction at its best. Our hunger for likes has turned into a weapon of self-destruction waiting to detonate. People struggling so hard to gain that overnight success and fame, trying so hard to fit in a world that we have no place it is now becoming a full-time job.

What happened to our self-esteem? What happened to humanity? What happened to living our lives the way we should be?

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