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The burden of love

Post Views = 4201 A year ago, I went to town to meet this girl I had admired for years. In my profession, I happen to meet a number of people, mostly women. I don’t exactly recall how I met her (not physically though) but it was way back in 2012 or 2013. Immediately I saw her photos, I knew …

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Friendship jewels: cut or hold on to them?

Post Views = 2265 I have always been afraid of losing friends. I lost a dear friend in recent months and now am on the verge of losing another. On both counts, a misunderstanding has occurred and then fueled greatly by egos. That is to say that the first loss could have been avoided if we hadn’t allowed our ego …

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Wailing Soul

Post Views = 6599 Before that new year post last week, I had been away for quite a while. It will suffice to say that I was battling with demons. November turned out to be quite a rough month for me. A month in which I cursed and lamented and cried on the floor of my bedsit wondering why on …

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