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Tears of a bleeding heart

Post Views = 1330Tears of a bleeding heart Last night I talked to Elsie. Nothing would describe the kind of happiness that swept through me now that she had gotten over her rancour and talked to me like old times. I had missed her soft voice, something that I held unto for two years. Last December her momma didn’t bring …

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Let’s burn the schools

Post Views = 4221I sit pensively, thinking about our kids in schools. Mine included. Kids who have been sent to school to acquire decent education, become knowledgeable and have something to look up to in the future. Kids that we invest much resources in so that they can be the Einsteins of tomorrow. Kids in whom we have much hope, …

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Live or Die

Post Views = 1231Being honest can sometimes get you killed. So people tend to hide behind mirrors of dishonesty to protect themselves from looking less virile or even from things unknown. A few years ago people were less paranoid, and did just more than just ask questions, not because they had less developed prefrontal nerves as psychology would argue- do …

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