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Council of Areopagus

Post Views = 4678 We are seated there just the two of us in my crib. He is on the bed, his back to the wall. A pillow and a duvet cushioning his back against the hard-cold wall. His feet under another duvet; a position he takes whenever his mind is engaged with something serious. In this particular case, I …

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Voice of the unheard

Post Views = 3294 Betrayal is too kind a word to describe a situation in which a father says he loves his daughter but claims he must teach her about the horrors of the world in order to make her a stronger person; a situation in which he watches or participates in rituals that make her feel like she is …

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Wailing Soul

Post Views = 6602 Before that new year post last week, I had been away for quite a while. It will suffice to say that I was battling with demons. November turned out to be quite a rough month for me. A month in which I cursed and lamented and cried on the floor of my bedsit wondering why on …

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