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Rise of the Phoenix

Post Views = 2334 People are resilient. I think we are designed that way. Its embedded in our DNA to forge ahead, to soldier on. Classic scenario of survival of the fittest and we are the fittest. After all we are still here, aren’t we? But sometimes it feels like we are on our own. It might even feel like …

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Depths of despair

Post Views = 6118 I find her a challenge, one that in spite of all she has done continues to stimulate; and so, the conversation in my head futile as it may be continues and I’m left to wonder, have I simply failed to find the answers to the questions that preoccupy me? Or can they not be answered at …

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A chapter of my life

Post Views = 3719 It is extremely difficult to lead a simple life nowadays. Life has become more complicated, demanding and competitive that it has lost its zeal… I don’t know whether it is life that has lost the zeal or it is we who have made life difficult for ourselves because life is just life, we cannot affect it. …

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