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Our society is full of people who like pretending. They are People who behave in a way that does not show their real feelings, thoughts or intentions. In most cases we are fooled and assume they are honest. Here are several ways you can spot pretenders.

  1. Girls who wear high heels, get fatigued as they walk but pretend they are alright.They walk like a young calf and when asked if they are comfortable in high heels they say “My heels are comfy, they don’t hurt”. You are a pretender.
  2. Girls who edit their relationship stories and tell only the good side of the relationship leaving out the bad. You are nothing but a pretender.
  3. Producing companies that entice us consumers that buy this and get this free, yet the price of the free commodity is included in the price. That’s pretending to be generous yet these companies are out to make profit.
  4. People who see you smile sweetly, hug you and say they are happy to see you yet they are sneering inwardly and wish they never saw you.
  5. Men who buy their girlfriends expensive gifts and say “that’s nothing” yet they are incapacitated financially.
  6. People who in the beginning of relationships say they do not drink alcohol or smoke, and then later on someone discovers they take alcohol and smoke like a chimney. Many people hate pretenders and prefer honest people, who will even drink and smoke on the first date.
  7. People who exaggerate their family name. They tell lies about the careers of their family members, the wealth of the family and the general family status. Needless to say they are normal folks masquerading as well off people or pretenders if you ask me.
  8. People who say they have some acreage of land here and there, rental houses, businesses, well schooled meaning they have a degree, masters, PhD and doctorate. One discovers that they are telling lies, and do not even have the said educational papers or property.
  9. Let me not be accused of judging yet it’s our heavenly father who is tasked with the duty of judging. This are people who are well versed with the bible, they invite you to church, look at you in a judgmental way when you read shades of grey,check out three sixty sex positions and pick quarrels with people. One day you discover that they are having an affair with the pastor, or the married man who’s in the choir. That’s the devil at work; we shall say our sister fell. Some will call her a hypocrite but I prefer to call her a pretender.
  10. Girls who go out for a date then eat sparingly leaving almost all the food saying they have had their fill. If it’s chicken they leave all the flesh since they can’t struggle with a bone. When at home or out alone they not only eat all the flesh but also chew the bones as well.
  11. Girls who tell men who seduce them “give me time to think” then take forever to think. When the man stops pursuing them they run after the man.
  12. Women who buy clothes that are smaller in size so that they can convince everyone that they are slim. They therefore squeeze themselves in the trousers, suffer discomfort but maintain a straight pretty face. My question is “who are you fooling?”
  13. People who gather many books saying “I must read this” .They read the book halfway, forget about it then gather other books hoping to read. This is pretending to be an avid reader yet you are not.
  14. Some grownups have this annoying habit of taking pictures of the foods they are eating then posting it on face book inviting you for lunch. You will imagine they are generous and can spare some for you. Needless to say that should you knock on their doors, there will be no food left for you. They are just show offs pretending to be generous.
  15. Products that assure you of hundred percent skin protection and rejuvenation of dry skin. To show that it’s real, there’s always a lady with soft radiant skin. Poor consumers will believe the manufactures are honest and should they use the product, they too will have such soft skin. Needless to say the ladies advertising have had other skin treatment done before the advert.
  16. Big hotels that charge high prices for their food, which is served in very small portions. After the meal, they give you a present, which is very cheap and costs pocket change. As a naïve customers we imagine this hotel people love us. This is pretense and a marketing strategy to ensure you come back.
  17. Men who tell the waiters “keep change” to impress their women yet when alone they will wait for the change and cant give the waiter any of their money.
  18. Words like “I love you” should not be used carelessly. It’s unfortunate that some people use such words carelessly. Some say such words when they actually like you or want something from you (We all know what).
  19. When the weather forecasters tell us that we shall expect light showers and elnino in the afternoon and in a months time respectively then don’t see any of that.
  20. People who say they have powers “to see” and predict your future. What they see is an exaggeration of your insecurities and what can happen. Some say that they can pray and heal. You wonder why they can’t go to hospital and cure all the bedridden.

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