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I have always held the strong belief that monogamy is not a natural state and as a wise man once mentioned, monogamy is the greatest casualty of beauty. Don’t be surprised if there is no such man because I may or may not be quoting myself. Why do I say this? First, I will provide a biological basis for my argument or opinion or whatever you may wish to call it. In the animal kingdom, which we are part of, we belong to a class of mammals and the order of primates. Most mammals are polygamous living in environments best described as jungles governed by one underlying principle: the struggle of the fittest and only the strongest survives. In other words, it’s a scenario where the winner takes all (the ladies included) and only the strongest can beget an offspring.

The depiction above is not very far-fetched from the environment we live in as humans. Therefore, biologically speaking, it is a man’s primal instinct to have more than one woman and for the woman, the primal instinct is to have the strongest man in the pack. Be advised that strongest is relative and may vary from person to person. However, men (hereby used as general term for both men and women) have chosen to live within the dictates and confines of the so called “morals of the society” having to stick to one romantic partner at a time which we all know is easier said than done and which I have some reservations about but that is a topic for another day.

Back to where we began, a handful of mysteries surrounding the institution of marriage have always eluded my powers of deduction. As an institution, I think marriage has outlasted its usefulness by quite a large margin and hence the reason I define it as an unnatural arrangement which causes its participants into an unhealthy monogamy. An increment of petty fights and resentful compromise which like Chinese water torture slowly transforms both parties into howling neurotic versions of their former selves. Some extremists on the subject actually cheer the end of any marriage and/or equally loathe the beginning of one leading me to think that perhaps people should never have to enter this charade called wedded matrimony.

However, I have come to appreciate the promise of partnership. It’s far more intricate than I previously imagined; that the very smallest of gestures can speak volumes. Take for example men and women in the disciplined forces with their partners in the line of duty. They literally put their lives into the hand of their partners believing that they will always have their backs no matter their differences. Failure of one partner holding their end of the bargain results to the catastrophic death of the other. Now my question is does this kind of loyalty and sacrifice exist within the institution of marriage? Would anyone die for anyone? My guess is NO.


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