Let’s burn the schools

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I sit pensively, thinking about our kids in schools. Mine included. Kids who have been sent to school to acquire decent education, become knowledgeable and have something to look up to in the future. Kids that we invest much resources in so that they can be the Einsteins of tomorrow. Kids in whom we have much hope, that when they get this exposure they will contribute to our society, elevate our livelihoods because they are our investments.

We hope that these kids will bring us porridge when our bones are weak, when we are lying on our deathbeds and we can’t walk anymore. Our greatest success will be seeing these kids grow up and become prominent persons not only in our villages and country but also the world. Every parent wants their sons and daughters to match up with the rest of the intelligent people who will influence our societies positively.

While we have chosen to invest a lot in our kids, they have chosen to show us how unappreciative they are. They seem to regard our support and that of the teaching community with blanket respect. They seem to forget that we can withdraw our support at will. They don’t seem to understand the fact that we are struggling so much to offer them the luxury of the education. An education that some of us parents never had because we did not have the right support then.

Burning of schools has gone on the rise. Our kids have taken the mantle of torching our schools. I don’t know if they are embracing the earth-scorch policy because it is moving all over. They have turned to the same institutions that pad them up with knowledge. This completely shows how ungrateful theyare becoming.they are slowly turning into bastards.

We are trying to understand if it is the value of education that has gone below their intelligence so that they resort to seek much advanced standards of education. Is our education system that poor that even the naïve and ignorant find it below the belt?

The issue of kids burning schools is becoming ubiquitous in Kenya. Despite all the efforts that we have pulled to conquer the shenanigans that our kids are playing, we have failed miserably. They have managed to beat us on our own grounds with little weaponry. The uncanny behavior has now become the trend and news about students burning schools is no longer hurting me.

Time has come when we join the community of school scorchers.  Time has come when we should lobby for more men and women to join these young bumpkins burning schools so that together, we can torch all the remaining schools. It looks like finally they are going to bring down all the remaining institutions down into ashes. Only time will tell.

Since we can foresee this and our efforts to curb the situation will fall into deaf ears, it is time to gang up and burn all the schools. We can burn all the schools.

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If you asked me if I could ever want to burn down a school, I would ask you to get me a barrel of petrol and lighter. And I would go all round up and down the country and roll up my sleeves, burn one school after another till the ashes fill the air. I will go to a tailor and ask her to make me a four roomed handbag. A massive one. With all these compartments, I can carry all the stuff I need, ready myself for this deadly mission.

If those who use these institutions have been fed up more than we are, why shouldn’t we be part of their solution? We can extend a helping handy. They don’t need these schools. They are better off without them. Learning in the streets is more precious than in classrooms. Learning through life experiences is much better than teachers. Staying at home, playing games on computer all day is more knowledgeable than reading books in libraries.

Our kids prefer ignorance to education.  Exams are becoming tougher on them so they will strike. Meals are becoming horrible day in day out so they burn the kitchens and beat up the cooks and matrons. Teachers are becoming beasts that whip their asses clean so they decide to torch the staff-room as well as their cars. Text books are becoming more complicated for them to read so they destroy the libraries.Beds in the dorms are horrible and so they burn them.

It is now clear that we do not need primary and high schools. Kids should be born and go to varsity straight, earn a degree and get life kicking. They do not value preparatory education anymore. They want to grow rich overnight. They want to enjoy life. They want to watch TV all day and play games on Xbox all night. They want to eat meat and burgers all their lives.

They do not have the luxury of struggling. They abhor pain. School is wasting their time which they could use to have fun and drink booze, get girls and blow some pot. Easy life. Education is not everything to them. They want to live in a world with no rules. They wish to live by the mantra- we are young, wild and free. They have the notion that they already know everything they want in life and have it figured out.

These kids do not understand that life is very hard, mean and horrifying. They do not understand that for you to live you have to wage many wars, get knocked down again and again, and lose your leg or arm or eye, just to survive. They just think life is an unending roller coaster. They do not understand that ignorance kills brutally. They have no idea that life doesn’t care who you are, it will crush you to the ground if you let it. Life can be very unforgiving. Life is kissable, not at all! Life is armed, ready to beat your ass down. It has no exceptions. It doesn’t favor anyone at all. Life is a bull that gores into everybody’s business. Life minds everybody’s business, no matter who you are. That is why you have to be merciless with it.

If somebody would tell this kids how many old people are going back to school to quench the thirst of education. If only someone could narrate to them stories of how we trekked miles and miles on bare foot to get that education. If only someone could remind these kids that we struggled day and night to get where we are and we are still struggling to keep them in better shape. If only someone could tell them that life is unforgiving, if the same person would tell them that we our parents went hungry for days on the end, did not have any uniform leave alone clothes to wear.

They need to know that they have a golden chance that we, parents, never had. Should we withdraw our support to these cabbage generation, life will cripple them horribly. Should we subject them to the mares we faced, they would end up roasting in hell.

Kids, if you don’t need these schools anymore, we are ready to wipe them out for you.

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  1. Yes we can help them wipe all the schools they stay home this is total madness.

    meanwhile wonderful piece

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