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Today I woke up so early. I don’t remember the last day I was up this early. My stomach was tight and rumbling. Beneath my navel it hurt. I turned and rolled in bed trying to ease the pain.

I looked up to the ceiling with flooded thoughts. Bitter tears oozed from my eyes and for a few minutes I sobbed like a baby.

Recollecting the previous week’s happenings, more tears ran down my face. For me it was a trying moment. It reminded me that no one was proof to some situation, which for sure was involuntary.

It is life. The thing which on occasion will make you lie down and fuck you from all directions. I died at that same moment. A upsurge of coldness cleared through my body, shaking my whole structure and left me as though my nerves had been carefully brushed by a corroded steel fleece. The meat in my bones embraced one another firmly, fleeing from that stun.

The imminent shock of life is the fear of money, not even death. When you are a pauper, every day you fear of sleeping hungry. And when you grow up into the wealthier circles, the only thing you trepidation is death. You don’t get sleep because someone is somehow plotting to cut your balls, and hung your transformer across his neck and shoulders, and deplete all that you have to his dark plastic bag.

It is the many-sided quality of life, the sort of having two unique classes; the Haves and the Have Nots. In so many cases it is said the have nots can sleep well; alternately they can lack sleep depending where they lie in the economies of scale. The poorest gnash teeth day and night, the poorer nurse hoarse thought of ill-fated life while the poor with content have power over insomnia.

The have nots, where most of us lie, are full of third world problems. . We basically never appreciate the great things that life offers. We are whiners, borrowers, and eaters. We don’t find any particular fun in life.

The Haves have it all. They sit behind the tint and scoff at the beggars. They walk in big cars, and throw smoke and mud at passersby, who mostly are paupers.

In my life I have delighted in both sorts of life. I have been a Have before, and have been a Have not. I have learnt a few things in life in the few years that I have lived in those lives:


  1. Things change.

We are all vulnerable to change. Change is solely inevitable (We are all helpless against change. Change is singularly inescapable). As we grow and age, everything changes entirely, in either course. You can be a poor dude today, tomorrow you become super rich.
You can be rich today; tomorrow you walk like others on the streets begging.
I learnt that in whatever situation you find yourself in your best to enhance it. We shouldn’t surrender doing it right.

2.Patience is a virtue.

Rome was built for centuries. The same to Babylon and other great cities of the world. No extraordinary pioneer or man rose up to fame in two or three days

Some drudged really hard to get where they are. They believed that one day their dreams will materialize. They were patient enough.

Hope and patience are brother and sister, , life-changing ones, traversing together. Blessings will rain down on people who are persistent. Once you invest in something, kindly give it time to replicate, be patient with it, and eventually it gives back

3.You must try and try and try…

Trying is the never ending game of life. A breakthrough takes time to reveal itself. It shrouds somewhere until you do things right.

Every time you give a try you learn, you discover the loopholes, you get a new experience. Each try gets a new energy, and it becomes better.

You have to fail to understand your weaknesses; you have to sweat to get at the top. It is lonely at the top, but you eat well.

Life is a matter of chances. The many chances you take, the more exposure you get and the nearer you get to your dreams. Failure is part of the long road to success.
Never give up before you give it a try.

4. That you have to work

I sat down and thought to myself, “just eat and drink.” And for sure I did sit and made merry. I feasted upon all the little I had left, and when it was over I had nothing to find joy in.
I went out to look for work, which hardly came by easily. That alone was work. Looking for work.

For you to live you definitely must work hard, but at the same time smart. There have been claims that some people work hard but stay paupers till their demise. There ain’t anything like that. Diligent work helps you survive. The rest is the law of nature (fortunes, endowments and condemnations) and destiny.

When you earn your own money you feel inner satisfaction. It’s the beauty of life. You can do whatever you want with your money; all as a result of hard work.

My friend, there is no shorter shortcut to success. The shortcut is hard work. So don’t sit your ass down and hope that manna will come to your lap in your time of need.

5. Never get demoralized.

People have tendencies of getting into other people’s nerves with discouragement. They do this mainly because it never worked for them or they are basically being envious. They may not believe in your dreams too. Voices of absurd critics should never matter, however listen to the insightful, for they have seen the future before you do.

And I got disheartened in settling on some life choices. Yet, at whatever point I knew I had settled on the right choice I stopped to listen. I cushioned my ears and centered my vitality to impact my choices.

Discouragements should motivate you. If they don’t then you are absolutely trekking on the wrong lane.

6. Respect is prime.

People will treat you the way you treat them. To flourish in life, I realized that everybody matters, both youthful and old.

I opened my ears to all, and showed respect to all. With respect people welcomed me warmly wherever I went, and felt upbeat about it.

Respect earns you respect. It attracts people. And people are the wellspring of success. Once they abandon you, you are a nobody.

Regardless of the possibility that you possess an entire third of The Americas, approach everybody with deference. It is a righteousness that drives you anyplace.

7. Learn to give.

In the few years that I enjoyed the Have status I learnt to give. . I learnt that open arms were the arms that got favors. (blessings)

As they gave out God multiplied the gifts given out, and brought them back in the same or different state.

Life obliges sharing with those who don’t have enough. You will find euphoria and peace in your heart.
Raise a kid, feed someone, and buy something and so on. And you’ll never lack.

8. Educate yourself.

I likewise learnt that education was important. That it channeled you to somewhere, near your dreams. In that way I also realized that it gave power, and drove you to better places.

Instruction is the introductory subject, trailed by learning (education followed by knowledge). Apply the education on real life, knowledge. Education is important. It gives you a vocation; it empowers you to strike  intelligent conversations and commands respect. So clutch to it- read wide, not necessarily in class only, but general knowledge, it helps you survive.

9. Be wise.

In whatever circumstance, do not allow yourself to be cornered when making choices. Do not surge at things.
I learnt that insightful choices were the way to a cheerful life. Such decisions never convey misgiving to your life. They help you achieve your dreams.

Wisdom comes from life’s daily challenges. It is not bought or brought about by education. You have to learn it through the daily life. It involves confronting life by the horns.

I have seen our companions of the female sexual orientation, most who scorn confronting reality. Reality sets you free. Young ladies won’t notice counsel, won’t have any desire to hear reality, and they later lament in life. They are not insightful, a hefty portion of them, and  life comes tumbling on their heads consistently. And they are always on tear mode, because of unwise and hasty decisions.

If you are not wise, benevolently consult someone you trust. Confide  in someone you think is savvy. It is the thing I pride myself in, that I have helped people settle for shrewd decisions.

Whenever I felt things were beyond me I consulted my seniors or my kindred statesmen who were wiser than I was, and if it was beyond human understanding I talked it out with God.

One Maurice Oloo in his book, Living With A Fool, indicated that ‘you cannot rent an extra room for the choices you make. Take time to make decisions as they define the rest of your life, do not let someone make a decision for because it is your life…’ and so on. . He clarifies a considerable measure about settling on the right decisions. (Makes sure you read the book.)

How everything adds up; settle on shrewd choices, don’t do them to please anybody, it is your damn life.

10. Have fun.

There is no joy if you can’t make merry and commend your endeavors. Life is all about happiness. Make progress toward satisfaction. Partner yourself with glad individuals. Spread the happiness to your neighbours and friends through great deeds.

Eat and drink (didn’t say alcohol, whatever you love). Dance to the tune of life, and repulse pity.

11.No one owes you anything

Keep in mind one thing; no one owes anything, not even God. Every little bit about your life is all about you. So do not get astringent that people have not done this or that for you. Simply make your life independent from anyone else. . You are the special case who comprehends your needs better than any other person. Fulfill them yourself.

Everyone is busy trying to mend the cracks in their lives, if by chance they care, those are the people who want the best for you, so keep them close and wish them the best luck in the world.

12. People will let you down; never bank on promises

I learnt that promises were actually meant to be broken. That you hardly rely on promises, especially those that have noun money in their heart. Just take promises as good fortune, which you’ll find on transit to town.

Place a thin hope in promises. Promises are not real things to look up to. We are human beings and we may neglect to satisfy them as a result of the obscure circumstances, hang on tight to what you have, and trust that better things will accompany time.

13. God

As much as we may not be astute believers, God is real. He should come first in our life. Prayer is the only string that connects us with Him. Respect Him and do His will.

And I closed that chapter of life. The tears reminded me that I needed to wake up and do something. I kneeled down and looked up once  more made a short prayer and duh, my day began with happiness.

Once in one of my counseling sessions a client came up to me and asked me,
“Smart what can I do to make my life better?” (Smart is my nickname.)
So I sat her on a chair and preached to her softly, all the above. I ended it while she still expected me to confer additional conventional tips to her.
“That’s all There’s nothing more to it.”
“Really! There is nothing new in the long story you have narrated to me. I do this every day” And I said to her


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