Rehema Zuberi

Teller of 'taboo-d' tales.

The Bitter Pill

Post Views = 10843There are over 20 types of contraception as we speak. These fall under various categories such as hormonal methods where we have pills and barrier methods, use of condoms or cervical cap (FemCap). The most common types used are the condoms mainly by men and the pill by women. Condoms are popular as they are easy to …

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Put Your Phone Down

Post Views = 5161The twenty first century mothers are hip, fun, dope even. Their children get to eat pizza as soon as they are 3 years old. In their compositions, KFC is written as their favourite restaurant. They are very current. They play Candy Crush, Subway Surfers and such other games that only require swiping the screen. They are screen, …

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Those Who Did me Wrong

Post Views = 7959She looked at her daughter who looked right back at her. Had she been teaching her the right kind of lessons? It’s only a matter of time before she left her protective wing and learn to fly on her own. It was in the year I finished high school. I among all the other leavers were in …

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The Final Straw

Post Views = 1527The invention and recent release of the sex robot has caused a furore on social media. Netizens and meme creators are at it. The buzz will die out very soon. Most likely with the end of this Njaanuary BS you Kenyans propagate yearly. We have finally done it! Who do women think they are flossing around with …

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The Motorcycles Downside

Post Views = 774You can call me a law abiding citizen. I check the road left, right then left again before crossing the road. Pedestrian crossing or otherwise. I read the red, green and orange lights wherever present. I am the type to wait for a thousand cars to pass before looking out for a decent personal car that will …

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Please Please Marry Me!

Post Views = 962Marriage is hard. Those who have managed to stay together a few years can affirm that. It requires strength, commitment, love and great sex. The latter can break you apart all other qualities notwithstanding. It is a process. You do not wake up one day and decide you want to walk the journey of holy matrimony. You …

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