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Queen of hearts

Post Views = 1275I have lived most of my life thinking that romantic love is a delusion; a futile edge against the existential terror that is our own singularity and then I met her and that forced me to reexamine my convictions. Several months have gone by now and our conversations have gotten deeper and deeper with every passing minute. …

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A letter to my beloved stranger

Post Views = 882Dear Stranger, We have spilled much ink you and I on our discussion of human connection and we are no closer to understanding than we were when the correspondence began. I often feel as if am standing on one side of a wide cosmos shouting across wondering if the response I hear comes from you or it …

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To the Single Ladies

Post Views = 3127I feel so tired and sorry seeing women cry every now and then on social media over how some other woman stole their man. The story is a cliché and always goes like…”Oooh so and so stole my man, she’s such a b****, a slut with no self respect….but I’ll leave it to Karma” My point, a …

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Post Views = 1073I have always held the strong belief that monogamy is not a natural state and as a wise man once mentioned, monogamy is the greatest casualty of beauty. Don’t be surprised if there is no such man because I may or may not be quoting myself. Why do I say this? First, I will provide a biological …

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