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The Hunger Games: Part One

Post Views = 878We are the pawns in their game of chess, the Katniss Everdeens and Peeta Mellarks of their hunger games. I love the hunger games trilogy for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that it bears a striking resemblance with our nation and generally the world we live in. It offers us a strong and resourceful …

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I am the Long Shot

Post Views = 3431I am the long shot I am the one they never saw coming I am the life beat of a heart once dying I am the old horse that keeps kicking I am truth in a world that keeps lying I am the runner who though the race ends, keeps running I am the dancer who keeps …

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The Scramble and Partition for Likes

Post Views = 1770Social media has become our world. A world where acceptance matters a lot; perhaps even a lot more than it matters in the real world. Sometimes I’m inclined to think that people are more concerned about how they look to fellow netizens than how they look in reality. Giving rise to a generation of social media addicts …

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Dating: The Modern Game Of Thrones

Post Views = 1247Dating has in the modern day and age become a game. A game of thrones: a game characterized by who holds more power and consequently who holds the reigns in the relationship. The concept of power in these relationships is determined by who cares more or less. The more you care, the less power you have and …

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Why so indifferent?

Post Views = 1295It is 6:14am on the first monday of December when I wake up in my hotel room. At first, I’m confused to wake up in a strange environment. I am confronted by white sheets white everything and a 21 inch screen elevated on the wall on the other side of the bed. That is when I snap …

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Midnight blues

Post Views = 1120It is in the middle of the night on my bed and I’m pretty much wasted when I decide to take my pen and paper as ‘I can just feel a great story coming’. No, am not feeling shit, am just high and a drink or two (they were way more but who’s counting) can do that …

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