The Philosopher King

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Post Views = 995Something had changed. She no longer looked at me the way she used to. Her gaze had turned into something more like a stare; an emotionless stare, and her hugs cold, casual at their best. The eyes that once proclaimed indiscriminate affection now only had pity whenever I looked into them; like she pitied me for whatever …

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The Affair: Part One

Post Views = 1617The white lingerie was lying on my bed. I picked it up and hung it on the rack, rubbing my cheek in the fabric and smelling the faint sweet scent of the lady who came occasionally for lighthearted interludes away from a husband who was all but impotent but nevertheless loved. We suited each other well: perfectly …

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The Hunger Games: Part Two

Post Views = 715The philosophy behind the hunger games Reflecting on it (The Hunger Games) can on its own way be downright philosophic; a doorway that leads to thinking about our own lives. There‚Äôs another famous doorway associated with thinking, near the birthplace of western philosophy in ancient Greece. At the entrance to a temple dedicated to the god Apollo …

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The Real Teacher

Post Views = 20534I admire them all Without them we would probably fall With their special mission and call Teachers always stand out   Some lecture, others tutor while some discuss Some are plump, others slim and most smart Struggling much not to cause a fuss Modeling pupils and students from the start   They use different methods and books …

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The Hunger Games: Part One

Post Views = 810We are the pawns in their game of chess, the Katniss Everdeens and Peeta Mellarks of their hunger games. I love the hunger games trilogy for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that it bears a striking resemblance with our nation and generally the world we live in. It offers us a strong and resourceful …

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I am the Long Shot

Post Views = 3108I am the long shot I am the one they never saw coming I am the life beat of a heart once dying I am the old horse that keeps kicking I am truth in a world that keeps lying I am the runner who though the race ends, keeps running I am the dancer who keeps …

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