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Depths of despair

Post Views = 6178 I find her a challenge, one that in spite of all she has done continues to stimulate; and so, the conversation in my head futile as it may be continues and I’m left to wonder, have I simply failed to find the answers to the questions that preoccupy me? Or can they not be answered at …

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The obsession of lust

Post Views = 5391 Today’s piece is none like any other we have done on this platform before. It is one of a kind. Perhaps one of many like it to come. It is story, a Bible story to precise, narrated by none other than my little brother Brian- a very shrewd and intelligent fella. All credit goes to him. …

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Happy women’s day 2019

Post Views = 4301 There is a noticeable symphony being played around the world today. That symphony speaks of the independent, unorthodox, proud women. Yes, it is the International Women’s Day! It is the day to celebrate the women in your life. In my life I have never believed in a particular day to celebrate women though, but a date …

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Voice of the unheard

Post Views = 3103 Betrayal is too kind a word to describe a situation in which a father says he loves his daughter but claims he must teach her about the horrors of the world in order to make her a stronger person; a situation in which he watches or participates in rituals that make her feel like she is …

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Is love really that complicated?

Post Views = 3908 Have you ever wondered why love has to be so full of conflict and strife? Love has always been described as a headache and a heart-breaking adventure. Most of the people involved will come from it with deep scars that they can never completely make disappear. And yet, we are always eager to go back and …

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Of terrorism and conquest

Post Views = 4444 After close to four years of calm in urban areas, Al-Shabaab demonstrated its continued threat to peace in Kenya with the operation launched in an upscale apartment and restaurant complex in Nairobi. The gun, grenade and bomb assault will raise inevitable questions about why the country has been targeted successfully so many times over the last …

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