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You can put a few words together, that doesn’t make you a poet
You can claim you are forever, but this is the truth and you know it
If your life ends in the next line, there’s no heaven for your type
Maybe Shakespeare wouldn’t have stayed here if there was a next life
Think of the constant wars you are fighting, nibbling nails, bleeding, fidgeting, scratching at blank walls
Starching, saying its for the nervousness
Laziness and fear, steer off trouble then call it casual righteousness
Partial attention,
You fool them
Not me, I know the truth friend
When you said that you’d weighed and proved things
You lied,
Or you think dad would approve this?
If the church knew your thoughts, would they let you play with their kids?

If you told them those other strings you are pulling
Think they’d still be attached?
You’d be picking fights instead of phones
Thinking life is beautiful, we both know you compromise
And come from lies where happiness and comfort lies in the public eye
Where you publicise the good and then capsize the crude
Your conscience fried
You said you’d be different
You lied
You always did
Making daddy uncomfortable, making mama cry out of distaste
You are a disgrace
I say that with reference to the realness you preach
While Mr Society prays that God will bless his seed
You are one little piece that just wont fit
Don’t even get me started on the comments you make in church
And the questions you ask
Judging the musical innuendo
In fact, labelling yourself the think tank

I’m nothing like you
Things are moving too slow so I’m passing judgment
And crushing nonsense
Take my advice and study
Marry from a family, a family we know, a salvaged family
Get a job
Live in the farm and be content
Stars never come from here
You wont be anything
You are worthless, Mr Insignificant, I don’t know about the poet part
Just point facts
You are nobody
You are purposeless
You are just another dreamer
They always spoil it for everyone
I wish I wasn’t part of you

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  1. Those rhymes Mzangila.They are cool-Marry from a family we know….

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