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Writers love the idea of writing groups. Writing is, after all, a very lonely pursuit. You sit alone in a room wrestling your ideas onto the page, struggling to fend off the constant attacks of doubt. Your regular friends probably don’t quite get what you are doing and can’t help. So it makes perfect sense to join other writers who can help you navigate the joys and sorrows of the creative process.

Writing for me has been anything but a solitary art form. It takes interacting with other writers to get the juices flowing. As a core member of many writers’ groups, I can experiment and push the boundaries of a story and get feedback in real time. And, perhaps most importantly, I witness the successes and setbacks of others on their journey, just as they witness mine. By uniting together, we drive one another to do our best possible work and also share resources. My work becomes an active and ever-growing part of the world rather than a secret project I hesitate to share.

The only good reason you should start a writing group is if you don’t already have access to a one.  Participating in a writer’s group can help you improve your skills and give you support when you need it.

Mzangila Writers’ Cafe is a cohort of people banded together by their passion for writing. So what do we do?

    1. Evaluation
    2. Inspiration:
    3. Education:
    4. Information.
    5. Publication
    6. Promotion
    7. Socialization
  • We train writers.
  • we meet and share ideas
  • we bring guests to talk to us
  • we give individuals training materials
  • we make money

In cases where individuals want to be trained, we charge pocket friendly fees for the same.

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Tel: 0716503589

Facebook: Mzangila

FOR MORE INFO visit this links: Mzangila writers cafe

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