Where shall we go?

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Where should we go, we who meander in this no man’s land looking for better selves?

Where might we go, we who have gone in and out of similar courses each day?

What should we wear, we who have strolled exposed now that we have depleted all designs?

What should we sing, we who have sang and moved to common and gospel, till they have all turned out to be same?

Which guidance might we tune in to, we who have stopped to tune in to our seniors?

Where should we rush to, we who have nowhere friendly to lay our heads for a night?

What companions would we be able to rely upon, we who have destroyed and lost every one of our fellowships while pursuing wealth?

Which houses of worship might we stow away in, we who have transformed them into business premises stealing in the name of the Lord?

Which schools shall we study in, we who can forge and purchase endorsements at River Road?

What occupations should we do, we who have graduated in many numbers than the employments accessible in the market?

What shambas and farmss might we till, we who have attacked all the little land with boundless labors?

Which towns should we remain in, we who have moved from ocha to overpopulate towns and transform them into ghettos?

What nourishment should we eat, we who have transformed everything into GMO?

What life should we live, we who have never been content with the little we have?

What joy might we appreciate; we who have learnt to expect it from others?

What progress would we be able to make, we who have spent significant time in the craft of spoon feeding and solace?

What goodness might we encounter, we who have grasped scratch my back I scratch yours?

What flame would we be able to light, we who have lost mankind touch and supplanted it with desires?

What change would we be able to bring, we who have been indoctrinated by the white man?

What pioneers would we be able to have, we who have concocted techniques for choosing the individuals who tempt us with cash?

Where are we headed, we who are driven by awful leaders yet at the same time protect them?

What nation should we live in, we who murder our siblings for varying with our opinions?

What nation should we live in, we who convey blades to murder our neighbors who lend us salt?

What nation might we run to, we who obliterate our own when lawmakers incite us?

Where should we run to, we who murder each other for individuals we see on TVs and tinted USVs?

What should we say, we who have given others a chance to settle on choices about our lives?

What might we do, we who no longer perceive the specialty of affection?

How far should we go, we who are looking for riches and acclaim?

To what extent should we battle, we who prefer lawmakers to our companions?

How great might we be, we who sneak in the night to take our companions’ belongings?

By what method might we survive, we who have given others the ability to divide and rule us?

To what extent would we be able to last, we who have given others a chance to instruct us to slaughter each other?

How far do we have to go, so that we can backpedal to our senses?

What amount of beseeching do we require, so that we can bow down and atone?

What sort of asking do we require, so that we can apologize to our siblings and sisters?

What amount does it take, so that we can know how to come clean?
How much sacrifice, so that we can understand who we are?
How many prayers, so that we can values ourselves?
How much blood, so that we can appreciate those around us?
How much science, to understand that we are all equal humans?
How much study, to understand that we can always change?
How much preaching, so that we can learn to forgive?
How much advice, so that we can fully understand chastity?

Does it need to be like this?

Do we require additional lessons to comprehend that we are of human species?

Do we should be infused with medication of seeing so we can see that we are all one of a kind?

Do we require another Jesus to be sacrificed so we can figure out how to do good?

Does it need to be that I need to give for you to give back?

At what point did it turn into a session of settling scores?

Since when did individuals begin eating each other on the grounds that they taste great?

Do we need to be adversaries always?

And, what happens when we at long last find that we can’t get by without each other?

What happens when we at long last realize that we as a whole should live better?

My companions, life come once. It has no practice so you characterize the most ideal approach to live. It has no protection to resuscitate it when it clears out. We only need to ask ourselves, what are we doing? Are we treating each other well? Are we happy? If not, what are we doing about it?

We can simply discover bliss without venturing or sitting on somebody’s head. Satisfaction is an inside joy. Toward the end, when you at last comprehend the importance of life, it is about enjoying yourself, being content, feeling good and living admirably/well.

You see the cycle of life is as yet the same-live, love, burn and afterward die. . Because at some point in life, the glitter and beauty tries to leave, it is only the strong who survive through those tribulations that can boast of a life well lived.

Where shall we go, we who wander in this wasteland in search of better selves?


We apologize for the failure of not having a post last Wednesday. Our knickers were down.

Your Highness,


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