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We all want to be loved. We want someone to make us feel that the world cares. We desire to be met with warmth and smiles every day. But most of all we want the one who appreciates our uniqueness. We want love.
Love is the belief of acceptability that comforts our hearts. It is the one factor in life that makes sense and at the same time lacks sense. It lacks the definition because it occurs in various forms, with regard of contingencies, context and those involved.
Life conveys to us best of things, such as air, life itself, nature, and love. The world has all the things we might need, and the whole world conspires with us so that we can achieve our dreams, including finding the one person who loves us truly.
Despite all the good things given to us by the universe, the same world has brought to us soul blindness, mental blindness and even visual blindness. We have ceased to see the real beauty that counts, and rather squandered our endeavors on cosmetic appeal.
When you look at true love, you will discover that true love endures everything, it is patient, it is calm, and it is unequivocal and very consistent. It has no boundaries. True love cannot be transferred from one person to the other. It is almost impossible, because love is not something we can just move from one place to another. It is a gift that develops over time, under a watchful eye of tender care, patience to yield exceedingly.
At one time of your life you must have fallen in ‘love’. You might have come across someone who meant the whole world to you. I guess you felt safe with them. Your life was complete then with them around you. You became content and no other could make you change the way you felt towards them. Life was at another level, and had more meaning than before.
But with time things changed. That love died. They ceased to be unique and instead we started seeing their flaws. Whenever you saw them you were disgusted. Your life became more miserable. You felt all alone. You wanted to butcher them or just knock them dead. Isn’t that what it is all about?
What happened? Where did the love go? Why didn’t you appreciate them anymore? Why didn’t you tolerate them for just one more day? Why did it end?
When you fell in love, weren’t you happy? Didn’t you feel special?

People are acting like they have no mommas. The whole world is addicted to the drama. And all of us are behaving like we don’t know where we are going. We are crying foul about what love has become. But who are these who love if it aint us? We blame love for being wicked, in any case we are the ones who love. We are the wicked lot. The problem is us, not love because it doesn’t exist.
We are doing all right things at the wrong time. We want to explore more than our years. We want to be wise at 20. We want to have kids at 15. We want to marry at 22. We want to be billionaires at 18. We want fat bank accounts without working for the money to fill those accounts. We want to pass examination without reading hard. We want to own cars without buying a bicycle first. We want to own flats without buying cement and bricks first. We want to excel in life without living like successful people. We want to have kids but not bringing them up.
We want to drink booze and not get tipsy. We want to spend extravagantly and never go broke. We want power yet we can’t even manage ourselves. We want to do unprotected sex and not contract HIV/AIDS. We are a lazy cursed lot.
Life is made of various stages that mold us into what we should be. But we have socialized ourselves to defy the law if delayed gratification. It is a fast life, and a life of quick fixes. We want to do things hurriedly and have no negative consequences. We want to make silly choices that will result into positive outcomes. We just want a simple life that is purposeless.
Does it have to be that way? Does it to be a love of give and take? Do we have to love because of money? Do we have to love because of beauty? Do we have to love because of fashion? Do we have to love because of lust? Do we have to love because of sex? Do we?
Do we have to love at 18? Is it hard to wait for the right time? Will life desert you if you married at 30? Will you be mad if you refused to intercourse? Life is good, life is beautiful. It is us who make it convulted by not appreciating the most important things that it brings to us. We have much hunger for things we don’t need. We are selfish, we want everything for ourselves. We are impatient; we want to be somewhere because others are there. We don’t want to understand what we have to do to get there. We want quick riches, instant success and overnight notoriety. We forget that everything precious needs patience.
And once we fail to notice that life is purposeful our life loses direction. We spend the rest of our lives either living other people’s lives or just lamenting about our past. How are we supposed to move on if our mind keeps taking us back? How are supposed to enjoy our present lives if our minds invest enerygy stressing over what is to come? It there any sense in living if we can’t enjoy the present moment?
Everything else can just fall back into place if we realize that our fate relies upon what we do today. We are in charge of our bliss. If you find happiness in love, you are in charge of your love, just make it happen. Work for it. Take your time. But most importantly, the art of timing is key to a purposeful life. Everything under earth has its time.
So does love.
One is loved because one is loved. There is no reason to love.


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