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The disadvantages of dating a married man far outweigh the advantages, as we have always been told. It has always been assumed that dating a married man is a relationship faux pas.However; no one has ever told us that at some point dating a married man can have its advantages and maybe a lasting and loving relationship. Some married men keep their promises, provide and remain faithful in their illicit relationship.

Before proceeding and giving a detailed explanation of when you should date a married man, it’s imperative that I make a disclaimer. To begin with the views expressed are purely fictional. I don’t fancy them taken. None interests me and that’s the answer to a question you haven’t asked good reader. It’s also important to note that aggiesikuku will not take any liability for damages(heartbreaks) that may be incurred as a consequences of girls over-indulging married men who will pretend that they love them, then take off when they least expect.

A married man who provides should be dated. It’s important that you don’t confuse a man’s richness with his providence. Girls are deceived by a mans riches. His richness should be none of your business. How many beautiful women in this green land of ours have dated rich married men but they have been left poorer than they were before meeting the man? A married man should provide for your needs according to his riches on earth. A good married man feeds his woman, clothes her, and offers her whatever necessity money can buy. Forget rich married men who declare their wealth (existing and non-existence) but you can’t get a share of that.

Availability of the man is a very important thing to weigh before deciding to go rogue in the dating world. He has his family, well and good. Since he has plans of bringing you into the equation it’s important that he has quality time for you. It’s shameful to leave single men for a married man then you spend all weekends and holidays with your girlfriends watching the latest series. It’s heartbreaking when a married man keeps telling you about his family and what he wants to do for them without saying what he will do for you. What am saying in many words is that you should only date a married man if he is available, has time for you and takes you seriously.

A married man who is faithful to his wife and you should be forgiven. If he does not have a long trail of women evenly distributed in major and minor towns, it goes without saying that you can make a life with such a man. Such men don’t look at the behinds of plumb barmaids who pass around swaying their voluptuous behinds; they don’t caress their cheap bangles or almost run into a ditch when they see a woman in a miniskirt when driving.

Lest you forget if he loves and cares for his wife you are lucky. Its sounds confusing and contradictory but it’s nothing but the gospel truth. If he calls his wife of many years sweety, buys her presents and drops her off to work, take it from me that’s what is on the menu. Do not be deceived that a man can hate his wife of many years then love you. You can’t perform a miracle of softening a man whose heart can’t love ‘’kwani wewe Ni nani?’’

Don’t date a married man who is immature to pour his marital woes to you. If he keeps complaining that his wife is nagging, goes through his phone and doesn’t iron his suits as he wishes, tell him off. To begin with you are not a marriage counselor, a psychiatrist or his personal doctor to cure his chronic marital mal -adjustment.

A married man who is ready to take you around town, the village and before all his friends and enemies is a man to consider. Unless he is a pretender beyond limits, it means he is serious. Do not consider a married man who hides you like a smuggler hides contraband from boarder policemen.

If he is bold enough to see your parents, stand up like a son- in- law in case of a family crisis that’s the man you shouldn’t blacklist or ignore his calls. That’s a man to go for even if it kills you. If he is known to the family and takes the trouble to be known, it’s a show of how he can take responsibility should need arise.

If you come across a man who is ready and willing to leave everything (his family) behind for you, you are wicked to accept him but also lucky. We will envy you, be angry and never stop judging you as “that bad woman”. Such chances are rare, just like the solar eclipse. Signs and symptoms that it can happen are as follows: When he can spend many days at your place, half of his clothes are at your place, he has an invaluable investment in your name, you are his car and party accessory (you go everywhere with him).Incase he is a politician, you go with him to rallies or his constituency. He introduces you as his wife to all his friends without a twitch and doesn’t get bothered about his wife. Believe you me, another girlfriend is about to shed tears and sign divorce papers. Of course, we feel sorry but as girlfriends we all know that may the best girl win always.

It’s also important to date a married man whom you can get a unanimously unrelenting following from his friends and family. Since you are the leader of the minority, it’s important that you get people who can make noise on your behalf, push your agendas forth and generally champion for your protection in which they have stakes. Get someone from the family to support you in case you have been introduced. It’s obvious that you are in a relationship with the man but the voices of supporters matter. The ally in most cases should be your friend cum enemy to the wife. Be informed of what’s happening in Las vegas so that you do not encounter ugly surprises.

While dating a married man in whose company you have the above conditions, never forget that what goes around comes around. It’s exciting to date such a man and get all the privileges he can offer. On many occasions you will feel very special. Should you be lucky to marry this man, chances that someone else will find him exciting are high. When you steal another woman’s husband someone else will snatch him from you. The idea of dating married men and marring them is not for the faint hearted.

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