Welcome 2018

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This is all I can tell you, it is not that I was there earlier than any of you. It happened to all of us at the same time, different timelines for some. Most of us were looking forward to it, with goals, others with no plan. Whatever the case we’re here- those of us lucky enough to see it.

I stopped living a planned life. Embracing spontaneity has been one of my latest achievements. I’m now living like a little girl with dreams of picture-perfect life- who else loves unplanned life except women? They find planning boring and easily predictable. And now as a little girl, I am trying to live that dream. I don’t know for how long. Being spontaneous means anything can change anytime. I can be rocking some nice pants, suddenly on the road, I feel they don’t look like a day on the beach; I hit a store and buy a pair of shorts.

This year I am bubbling with little excitement. Deep inside something tells me it is a year for my breakthrough. As you can tell from my last year’s articles, I am a man on the run to greatness. Just like any hungry youth aiming to become wealthy and influential, and famous as shit, I am dying to make it. My happiness levels have not hit the 90% mark yet. I guess money has to do with the missing 10%, and I am willing to go miles this year to land my feet on 95% if all goes well.

I really want to share my dreams but they’re very absurd. First things first- I got no resolutions this year. I guess I made some a long time ago. Whether I make any or not is subject to my total effort this year. All I know I wanna get out of my world, it is the last thing I want to live in this coming year.

Much of last year was spent on the computer reading books, writing shit. Even so, I never finished a book. I was hidden, not wanting to meet people often; I was mending my mental breakdown, gathering energy to face the new year. I had a good reading spirit, heaping eBooks on my pc every day, anxious as hell, wanting to read each of them, and finishing them before the year closed its eyelids and went to sleep.

I opened the year sleeping. The following day I was at a friend’s watching porn- I found him glued with the missus. Shit, it was not my intention to start the year with a perverted mind. Though I want to get married to an older woman this year, someone above thirty-five, just for a year. Nothing makes sense with that but I really don’t care. A year later, I’ll go on with my life as if nothing happened.

I am willing to write more than five books this year. Three of my own, and anthologies. My life will be dedicated to meeting new faces, enriching my mind, traveling and eating. I also want to catch up with all the series and movies that have slid past while I was immersed in reading. I want to be the motivational speaker I have always wanted to be. A few of my mentees have told me to catch the string and glide with it. They must not be wrong. They told me to come out of the closet.

There is a feeling in me that I want to heartbreak a few women this year. It is a messy year with this kind of feeling don’t you think? In May, I’ll be turning 26. The days are bringing me closer to the day I gonna bring somebody’s daughter home. I don’t want to be heartbreaking someone at that time. Why marry only to live a miserable life, or make somebody else’s life ugly?

Them girls want bad boys. I have been trying to be soft so that people can think of me as a really nice dude that gives a fuck. Last year many people misused me. I let it go because the year was ending and it wouldn’t count if I acted rogue.  I was the mouse trapped and left to die, people taking advantage of my haplessness to get away with shit. This year the script will be different, red ink and danger signs all over.

Let’s get this right away- no free things this year- ati hook me up with this or that, do this or that for me- no favours. Everything shall be all about money. Let’s cut the chase. Money, or walk away. I am not a charity fortress to offer everyone fucking favours. If it is about sharing books, that’s the only thing I can do willingly and freely.

You want to make money, include me on your team and let’s make money. You want to talk about other mundane, shady stuff- go fuck yourself. Zero fucks. When we’ve made money, let’s meet and chit chat till words elude us. But if we’re still broke, let’s not waste that time doing nothing. If you have an idea, buzz me, let’s make it work- I am down with anything. About bitches and pussy, leave the subject alone this year.

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Let our conversation be centred on what we’re going to do the following minute. A deal, a sale, a job, let’s go do it bana. We shall have all the time to do our useless stuff afterward. The more we realize that we’re all after it the easier life will be.

Another thing I want to strike off my list is going after women. There are some ladies who have all the time to waste on WhatsApp, using every minute at their disposal to push lazy agendas to you. If shit isn’t informative, blue ticks will be working full time. Help me help you- if not that, just say hi or call and leave me the fuck alone. I promise I’ll leave you alone.

I mean I like and want pussy, but I’m working on my thirst. Last year I was very high, hunting it all over social media and joints. Sometimes I won, many times I lost.  It is the world, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I want to lose all through the year. If I want some, when the dry spell gets devastating, I’ll get a nice floozie. Most women are floozies, only that they can’t come to terms with it. Any woman, I mean any woman can open up their legs to a man with money. If you’ve slept with more than one man or woman, you’re simply a prostitute. Nothing less.

This blog will be messy this year. I have no plan of writing better stuff. The same old bullshit will be in plenty. I hope my fellow writers will do a better job, I mean some of them are better than me.

There are some people who think that I am special, in a mystical way. I have heard it a number of times. For years now. Little fame makes people think of you differently. They start seeing you from a different angle because they think that you must be special to make it. I am a miserable chap, cold and not special at all guy. I only take advantage of people by manipulating them emotionally to think that of me. So, if we’ve not met, and you have sky-high expectations of me, I’ll disappoint you my friend to be. I only read people’s minds and offer them what they want to hear- past that, I am an old soul with nothing special to offer. One thing I’ll tell you that is true about me is that I am real all the time. And secondly, I give zero fucks.

If you’re a beautiful woman, and I want to get into your pants, I’ll tell you on the face. And when it comes to sex, I highly disappoint. I mostly care about my own pleasure. If you don’t care to tell me about your wants while in that bed, be sure I’ll just rock, ejaculate, wear my pants and leave. You shall find your own way home. At least I am honest about my feelings.

So, the best things you’ll get from me: I am always true to myself, and I don’t care much about hurting your feelings. It is a world of survival for the fittest, so cut me some slack man if I don’t please your ego. You got to learn to be that. That way, you don’t have to compromise your happiness for others who want to ruin your world for nothing. Live in that bubble as much as you can, fight more than a lion and let your happiness levels soar high. It is all we’re after.

To be honest, I am a reliable guy. I do things in time, and I can be there for you when you want help. It is the only positive about me.

Do whatever you want this year, I don’t care. Just be happy, but don’t kill someone, or steal from someone. Let your hustle be clean and genuine.

Happy 2018 Mzangila family. Write to us through info@mzangila.com

You can even say hi.



Mzangila Snr,

Where shall we go, we who wander in this wasteland in search of better selves?




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