Too much salvation needs saving

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There are people in this world who are saved. People who beyond any normal circumstances will eat your skin if you said anything outside the godly. They walk in faith. Their steps are conjoined to the word of God. Those who use the bible as their first and final reference material. Men and women whose conversation is dotted with scriptures from the bible. If there are any people in this world who own hope, it is these people because they are wise in their own terms. It is their luxury to offer priceless admonition even when you don’t need it- they’ll always think people need their advice. They feel it is their role to counsel others.
In them, there is a drive that coerces them to repel things and people who they deem as worldly. Some grace of God works in them. They have a bible as the encyclopaedia to all their problems. Prayers as shields that protect them from jeopardy.

You have seen them. They know what decency means. It means long dresses, tentlike trousers, listening to gospel music all day, watching gospel TV stations. Decency also means cooling their heels around kindred of their faith.
They consider going after money as odious and debased. Something ungodly. Some of them suffer because of this belief. Others, they just don’t know how to balance their salvation and their life here on earth. Deep rooted Christianity thrives in them. It is so deep rooted that it will take death to unroot them.

And these Christian zealots loath people like me. They think I am of the world.

Since I started my writing career, which of course was a few years back, I have made countless enemies. The kind of enemies you make when you do things with sincere intentions. You never know until they stop talking to you, or even replying your messages.

These enemies are courtesy of my writing. There are those who think that I am what I write. That my character is directly proportional to the writings on these walls. Profane. Well, some of the writings may be entirely true, but others are a pure creation to fulfill my writing needs.

Writing is an art, just like music, and drawing. And art is not necessarily what is in you but an outcome of your imagination. Imagination breathes life to art. It is what writing is composed of. Some of the saved Christians will not understand that art needs to be appreciated. They just think that being an artist is a waste of time and energy that would have been invested in tearing through the bible verses, listening to gospel music and watching Billy Graham preach.

It is a tough situation. And I feel sorry that they have to think everybody in the way of salvation. I pity those who have to look at others through the mirror of the bible and then pass judgement instantly. It is criminal to condemn someone just because you think they are doing wrong. If we have to employ the bible in this little discussion, then it implies that you show a brother the right direction.

Here is the thing, reading the bible does not make you wise. Neither does knowledge make one wise. Wisdom comes with age and experience. And this experience emanates from the daily challenges encountered in life. There are a few Christians who read the bible and think that that is all there is to life. They forget that life includes many other things.

Life has jobs, trouble, misery, bills, diseases, women, men, money, clothes, food and many other things. All these things do not need faith that these bros and sissies claim to have. They need action. Embedded in that action is that faith. But them brothers forget that. And they are a living proof of what an unexamined life is- misery.

Even if you read the whole bible, minus wisdom you’ll only live like a chowderheaded pauper. Life is meant to be enjoyed. God gave us the earth to work on, to guard it, eat from it and live in joy- though joy doesn’t come around easily. The brothers will tell you- sumbuka apa chini maana ni furaha tupu mbinguni. They forget that even our forefathers like Abraham, David and even Solomon were people who had it all. They were godly at the same time worked hard to make a living, to improve their livelihoods.

I don’t want to sound like I am launching attacks to someone, or imply that we should all strive to work hard so that we can get money. No. my point would be is that we live down here. And down here is about survival. You either die or live. For you to live, you have to fight hard. You have to conquer others, you have to churn your way out. In that same line, you have to appreciate those around you, respect what they do and if a brother goes astray, reason together.

God believed in a second chance. That is why He gave Jesus to redeem us who were lost. Everyone deserves a second chance. You sit a brother down and reason together. Find a solution.

I am a positive person. Holding grudges is not my thing. I have been banned from a few groups and lost a few friends because of the art I pursue. You and I guess that them people wanted me to pursue what they like. In this world, all of us can never pilots or chefs or preachers. We all are talented differently. Gifts from above. We ought to respect those talents. Support each other as no one can grow alone. No one can achieve on their own. You need someone to sell something to, someone to loan you capital, someone to help you out with an assignment, someone to check out on you. Everyone needs someone. Everyone plays a role in your life. In one way or another.
As I always say, in this job, out there you will see a man called Mzangila, that is not me. This is me at my job, the real me is the person you meet in real life. So never confuse one’s job with who they are. Instead, spread love, support a brother, lift up a sister, feed a kid, and together we can be one big happy family.

Today’s piece is courtesy of #ThisIsOurStory initiative.
How does this initiative work?

Take a photo of yourself. Ensure that you bring out the best smile in you when you take that photo. Tag a message that contains the following words- #ThisIsMyStory. Love, peace and unity. One people, one Kenya.

Nothing wrong if two or three appear in a single photo.

The key objective is to show your commitment to ensure that you promote peace in Kenya not only in our universities and colleges but in Kenya. It has to start with us.

And this is doing something for ourselves.

You can send your photo to 0716503589. We shall assist in compiling and editing the photos into motion pictures and uploaded to Youtube.

We shall use #ThisIsOurStory on twitter. Let it go viral so that the message of happiness and peace can go around the world. Happiness conquers evil.

Folks, I love y’all.

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