To Those who Think my Wife is Ugly

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It is five years now since I got hitched to the queen of my heart, Jane. Jane was and still is the love of my life. Our wedding was not full of grandeur or opulence as we did not have much money then. During our wedding, which cost us 50,000 bob, many of my friends boycotted to attend. The wedding was hugely attended by people from my wife’s side. Many of whom I dint know. Even the girls from our local church denied my invitation for them to march in my wedding. But it did happen, and it is still the most memorable day in my life because I got my loved wife home. Seeing her parents accept and trust me to have their daughter meant that they really believed in me.

This is the story. When I met Jane, I was working as an accountant in a bank. I was on probation for one year and earning a measly amount of 10,000 bob. This was little money, owing that I supported my family with half of the amount. But I was happy. I met Jane in one of the workshops where she was a tea girl. And with no time I married her.

Jane, at that time, was not the kind of woman many men would fall for. In the eyes of almost all men, she was despicable and unattractive. This can be translated easily to an adjective- ugly.

My best friends thought I was insane to marry such an ugly lady. They felt sorry for me. What a waste, they said. How can you marry a woman like that? A woman with such an ugly face? Damn! Even Zeus in his grave would be very unhappy.

Girls from my church boycotted my wedding. So there was no marching, no throwing of flowers and all the classy things that make weddings glamorous. Minus ladies, the wedding looked like a rotten apple. My close friends, men, tried convincing me to call the wedding off.  And many of them never came to witness my lifetime moment. And I never thanked them for that.

My parents were supportive. I have a clean record trajectory of being up to the expectations, their expectations. And so they didn’t question my move as much.

My aunties might have heard the wind of my marriage plans way before. They were in total rebellion. They wanted to besiege the whole plan. They held a number of meetings to consult with me, trying to beseech me to change my thoughts. When I said no, they brought an eye specialist home to confirm if I had become blind. When the specialist confirmed that my eyesight was super perfect, they said I was bewitched by Jane –Kukaliwa chapati. So they went to a renowned witchdoctor behind my back to lift the spell and send Jane away. They almost killed her.

After our marriage, Jane suffered a blow of general malaise and diseases that did not exist. Undetectable diseases. She went from one health facility to another without any promising diagnosis or administration of drugs that could heal her. Her frame became frail, and emaciated, her full bosom went flat, and her big behind thinned so fast. She became even scarier.

Missing my job to take care of her cost me my job. No manager will thank you for absconding duty, or even pay you handsomely for that case. All my money went into her treatment. I casually became a pauper. My whole family succumbed into poverty as I could not support them anymore.

My friends left me during the hard times. I was becoming a burden. So did my relatives. They sat on the fences, watching and laughing, reminding me of how they had warned me against marrying Jane. She was the one who had brought a curse upon my family. I was forlorn. I was tired and life in both of us was dwindling. I did not leave her.

Ever since I was a child I was a Christian. Well, I still go to the Seventh Day Adventist church.  They say I am a strong believer because when I resorted to prayers, my wife recuperated. For three full months, I was on my knees, fasting in between and praying endearingly to God that my wife heals.

Today I have two kids. Kids that I call my own. Kids who share the same blood as I. They are the joy of my life because when I look at them I see all my struggles. My wife miscarried twice before these blessings came.

If you look at my wife today, you will wish to marry her. At the age of 29, she looks like 18. She is quite happy, beautiful and full of life. I know you might have seen her in front pages of magazines often. You have seen her on TV shows. She is adorable.

She is pretty. She eats well, sleeps bountifully, exercises well and takes care of her family.

Jane is currently a skin care consultant. During part time, she is a tutor. She also runs a yoga class in the evenings. On weekends she is at church, mentoring both kids and youth on how to stay healthy and happy. She still cooks all the meals. She keeps our 8 bedroomed mansion intact.

Ask me how it happened.

There is no ugly woman. Everyone is just beautiful. All you need to do as a man is to take any woman and take care of her. You only need to love her, provide for her and work things out together. Beauty comes from the inside.

As she will tell you if you attend her classes, the reason for her great transformation is having peace in the inside. The beauty then spreads all over to the outside and this can be a very life-changing aspect.


I still can’t believe how she turned out to be like this. Her bust is full, and the behind is unshakable. I see men look at her with perversion. I see them admire her. I see them ogle at her. But do they know what she has been through? Do they know the story? Do they understand the journey she has been through?

Many men will want to find a readymade woman. They do not want to go through the hassle of getting one and refining her. They want to ease the way out. Well, it is not that easy.

My friends are now back. They tell me I got the most beautiful wife on earth. She is intelligent, good humored, decent, and religious, with a brilliant smile, a house maker, and an all-time lover.

These are the same friends who boycotted my wedding. The same friends who tickle into my house often to eat and have good time at my lounge, playing games and have their usual banters. I mean, I don’t take offenses, but I know they still boycotted my wedding. Deep inside I understand fully that they are fake friends. But sina kinyongo. I just share what I have, so long as they do not touch my kids or wife. I can kill them.

The reception towards me is phenomenal. I am welcome in every home. I have been to churches, homes, schools, and even companies to talk about my life. What I tell people is; it is not what you don’t want that matters, it is what you want that can make a difference in your life.

I look at my empire, and at 34 I feel like I have achieved what an 80 old folk would. My wealth has grown so rapidly from my incessant effort, and support from my wife. My wife has three degrees you know, and I have just one.  That should tell you something, that she is a giant key player in this empire.

I travel around the world. So do my wife and kids. The future is safe for my kids because they have an inheritance to brag about.

I use my wealth to help the poor. Half of my yearly income never sees my bank account.  My wife funds like 1500 kids in various schools. Giving out to the society is all we can do with all these blessings.

To those who think my wife is ugly.

This is a story of one George. I don’t want to draw attention by selling his names on this public domain.

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