The Real Teacher

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I admire them all

Without them we would probably fall

With their special mission and call

Teachers always stand out


Some lecture, others tutor while some discuss

Some are plump, others slim and most smart

Struggling much not to cause a fuss

Modeling pupils and students from the start


They use different methods and books

Having different traits and looks

But one thing in common unifies their goal

After all the lessons and sessions

Exams avoid the bits and cover them as a whole

So they all teach and prepare finally for exams


BUT WAIT! I have seen different kind of teacher

Sometimes soft like a preacher

Other times as harsh as torture

Who does totally the opposite

Gives you exams first, you pass or fail

Then, without any bit of mercy, even if you wail

Gives you the lesson after

Both ends of a candle I have burnt

Yet enough lessons I have never learnt

For whatever I think I have mastered

He comes claiming and proving

I am still barbaric and a bastard

An academic pedestrian of sorts


Simultaneously hilarious and horrible

Continuously arduous and terrible

Are his lessons, and always unavoidable

Yet before lessons his notes are unreadable

If not unavailable

But he is always the best


In his class you are always awake

Failures he doesn’t take

Into his curious callous class without a break

Forever teaching without chalks or talks

Lessons after exams


Too smart and cunning to majority

But a glittering companion of minority

Commanding everyone with great authority

Only the smart gets his lesson

Hope for the best

While prepared for the worst

From the teacher

With lessons after exams


For Mr Edwin Osebe Agasa (Prof)

© Jose Njoroge

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