The outliers

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Finally trump won. Mercilessly beating his opponent to her knees. A clean win. Something that Kenyans consider outrageous, even though they are not capable of electing good leaders to office.  They are just good at dipping their noses into business that doesn’t concern them.

I admire Trump because he is always a champ, something he is been all through, and still at 71 acing it like he just turned 40. Being a president at such an age is a great realization because you’ll die having lived to the height of your dreams.

I like trump because of one thing- we share one character, we are the outliers. The dissenters who don’t find joy savoring the ways the society has curved out for us. Outliers do not conform to the society’s expectations. They are people who find out ways others turn blind to. They do the unexpected and they do not care.

Trump will call a pussy a pussy for what it is, because largely, it is. He doesn’t relish in cheap things that excite ordinary minds. He speaks of things the way they are, the things people are afraid to say because some narrow minded individuals will judge them.

In the world of outliers, terms such as socially desirable behaviours do not have a room. Common rules set by society to safeguard interests that we do not know have no meaning in this world. Rather the world has a different meaning. A place to explore stuff that makes people afraid.

Outliers have few friends. In most cases, everyone in their lives is an asshole. We all are. So we have an outright power to call you an asshole. Trump would do that to anybody. Why would he say so?

You see we are judgemental assholes. We will call trump all the negative words, a buffoon, a wazzock, egocentric, proud and all that. But will he care? No. He wouldn’t because he knows each one of us is a buffoon who fails to look at themselves in the mirrors before they look at others in those mirrors. So in the end, we are overlooking the small socially undesirable acts we do.

Since we do them in silence and in the darkness of our rooms, that our sins are not sins. That those who do them publicly are the worst sinners who deserve crucification or executions. Truth is we are pretenders, the ones with hideous acts that have not been revealed to the public.

Outliers have the confidence to speak the truth. They call lies in their right word, not mistakes. They have mastered the art of saying what others want to say but won’t. They read thoughts of others and present those thoughts in the public. They then set the public on fire.

People at first react like they aren’t affected by some issues like Mexicans selling freaking drugs and making America a high society. Of course it is true; many Americans are always high as fuck. Miserable people whose dependency on coke, meth, marijuana or other illegal stuff is staggering.

The world thrives on the bold, the daring, the brave. It rotates on people who don’t give a fuck, people who don’t bend their knees to beg for something to happen. These people do not survive just by sheer luck but rather they know what they stand for; truth, hardwork, pathos and logos.

Outliers believe the world is theirs. They make the rules because others are afraid. They understand the universe better and know what the so called non outliers need. And they feed you with what they want. So long as you don’t share your kidney with them for survival, they are okay pointing your long nose as long.

And this is what has found me in the corridors where I brush shoulders with people. It is not once or twice that I’ve heard people tell me that I’m indifferent. Others have told me that I’m heartless. Others say I’m selective. Others call me a misogynist. Others dabbed me loose mouth. I’m used to so many of them that they no longer matter to me.

My consistency in being who I am deserves such names, and victory at the end. I don’t massage egos because there is no one who has lent me their heart for me to survive on. I use mine. It is the reason why I got a voice to for the voiceless. To speak out the interests of the ones who seem to plait themselves, and survive behinds the self-made demarcations of –we are the minority groups who don’t have a voice.

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The world is full of timid people. Slaves to themselves. People who need others opinion for them to find happiness.  They look up to some icons (whose real lives are even more miserable than what they display in public) for them to know what to wear. These timid people can never live on their own unless someone with what looks like a secret knocks on their doors and sells them what resembles to a future.

And the world is sick. Sick because such people cannot think out of the ordinary. Sick because they do the same things every day. Sick because every day is the same to them. Sick because they think they are entitled to be employed by the government. The world is so suffocated by them because they think someone owes them something.

It is high time they know that they possess the key to happiness. That they were given ears to listen, eyes to see things happen and a mouth to speak all the things they hear and see. Because without speaking they are never going to be of benefit to the world. They must talk in highest of voices, across hills and valleys, to bring about the change they want in their lives.

We all have the keys to be outliers. Not to conform to the cheap, pedestrian expectations the society pushes down our throats. It is always excellent to exceed expectations. It is noble to go beyond the limitations that we put in our lives, to work beyond the obvious horizons that our friends have set for us.

Being an outlier is being in charge of your life. Being able to hold the mantle upon which your joy glows and keep it alive. Being able to hold the hands of the feeble and leading them when they cannot see because there is no greater joy than lighting someone else’s candle of life. Being able to hold on to what is right even when every wind is against you because at the end you will emerge the victor.

An outlier treads in the paths few walk on. He never bows to challenges, he fights through. He never feels intimidated, only God gives him the breath. He never has time to look at others and pity them; they do not have that luxury. He always plans his schedule and sees things ahead of time.

As committed the outlier may be, he lives a day at a time. Sometimes he never takes life too serious. By just doing the small things he makes life easy for him, that he may not have to worry much because he understands the essence of this life; a one-time opportunity.

The outlier always stands alone even when the whole world is against him.  He is wise enough to know when the masses are right and when he is. And when he is right, he goes alone. He never regrets his moves because that’s a waste of time and fortune.

An outlier finally makes a name for himself. He achieves this by doing the same thing consistently thus sending a message to the world that he truly understands his trade. A name is important to him, a reputation which will later be a legacy.

We celebrate all outliers.


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