The laugh of my life.

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I held this conviction sagaciously, with gigantic strings of trust
Strings, straight and relentless, towards the laugh of my life,
The greatest of hopes, that we shared and cherished little things
The things that manufacture the heart to love.

Over the long haul, and years down the line, strings slackened
Hanging freely on the frail end was I, secured in immaculate redness
Hurt, cries, and a marinated penance to the divine beings,
Though they had no heart to suffice my pleas to her.

In those days all was great.
At that point we had shared longs for success,
Our affection so gigantic, with excellence to see
Also, past our adoration stood predetermination with wide arms
I simply don’t comprehend what changed,
Something saucy happened while in transit to our destiny.

Blame is all hers, that she made me cry
Tears of sadness, wincing in tons of misery
Sharp piercings through my soul, bleeding
Sanctity of dreams, sprawled before me, with no significance
All was lost.

People change, as it is commonly said
Quite true are the claims,
Genuine are the cases,
Yet the recollections stay solid and relentless
Netted in the fibroblasts of the nerves, thumping home
Furthermore, with me are those great recollections.

Out there stood the ideal match, one who she observed
With a fake blind eye she yearned for him, me unaware
Didn’t lose my mind yet, though never stayed same afterwards
I was worth a penny, my other kindred worthy pennies
All that could buy her, taking her from me.

My kid, with her she went
She no longer calls me daddy, she has a new father
A father, surrogate and so foreign, she daen’t see that,
Innocent and young, gullible and brain washed,
She is twisted, from me taken.

When I look at that ex, now as I call her
She is debilitated, and exceptionally weak to be an appeal to me
Squandered she has been, confined to bed with anxiety and consistent injury
The glitter has waned, like the evening sun to the west,
Its power to see better things lost.

The life in her is on a countable notification, put on a timetable of calendar
And the breath is dependent on her sustainability momentum
Which is closing in daily.

Cash conveyed joy to her life,
The same cash is out rightly in her home with emissaries
The same money ready to take her breath away
Shilling maua tena yaua, the song I sang her when she left me
Now that she has become the laugh of my life…



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  1. Mzangila the poet now…

  2. The LAUGH of my life? The persona must have seen the his shilling sweep the gullible she away

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