The forbidden fruit.

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From the city towers I tried to peep out,

the city that beheld exponential silence

through the murky darkness of the night

the street lamps shed tears of light upon their heads

as they struggled to stay at bar with with

the oncoming terrible night.


I was not satisfied to look from a distance

Maybe if I kill the distance with my steps

My view may be magnified a thousand times

My in voice invoked me caressingly and

Like a determined lioness sauntered downtown

Where the loniliness and secrecy of darkness

Welcomed me uncomfortably with perfume.


I crossed from one street to another

Watching in amazement the wicked souls

Always smiling at my leather jacket

My golden watch and all the merchandise I wore

Though I was there I failed to understand

Why they showed beauty to darkness

Instead of men in pure daylight

But rather comprehensively I understood the misfit

Broken and crumbled at the look and thought

Of enduring the chilly night in a mini-skirt and a bra.


 I took my hand to touch

The smooth thighs

My lips moved and rubbed her face

But before all could happen

My trouser betrayed me as it came up

I froze in the desolation of my soul

The second thought crushed in, in breaking breath

Inside me my sixth sense purchased new horse power

‘That is the woman your grandma warned you about

Don’t eat the forbidden fruit!’


I slowly retreated while eking my brains

Why the forbidden fruit if others munch it?

But I learnt to respect the wise

And there lay the big snake

Ready to bite.

Oh my! The Forbidden Fruit

That tastes so sweet.


That was close!


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