“The Cursed Lot”

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taxes1It is end month, your payday. And you badly itch for those bloody bucks that never seem to last the next two weeks.
The best thing to do is to bubble with excitement, and this time round toss your pen. Secretly you plan how to spend the cash and more so sort out all the debts.

You settle down to calculate, making some math possible. It is easy how we can count all our pennies without forgetting a coin, yet fail to tackle.a sum of 3+3*0. Of course it is money. You can’t afford to lose track. Every moment is a critical moment. But there is always a devil that eats your money.Sometimes when you look at your payslip you get irritated by so many deductions. Deductions that you have no clue about, and you just wonder who the hell takes your money.Slowly, concerned you hope to your friend for more elaboration. Its then you realize its shit.

“Dude, these are taxes. Hell of a thing man.”

I mean you are new to this payslip world. Things start to make meaning. You hate it…and slowly you tick with anger, and rage. Where is my fucking money? Welcome to reality dude.

“By keeping quite we have spoiled our leaders”.

“By keeping this issues on the low we have made the government behave like a private business entity, running on their own funding, thus to get their services we must pay dearly.”

“During elections and campaigns that’s when the people are part of the government. That’s when the people get a chance to eat embezzled funds and various development funds with the leaders.After the election the government turns private!”

“Fools the people can be. But don’t tell us to forget about the government and make it on our own! No we wouldn’t. We support the governments’ smooth running, for it to ensure our smooth running. This we do with our tax!”

“If the government wants to run on its own. They should get their own funds not tax! But because taxation has become normal, to the Kenyan mind for united we achieve. Yet taxation was introduced as everyone knows at first as a forced routine back before independence. But in this age citizens give it with no questions. It will be good if this continues, but then a transparent taxation body should be set up by the people for the people to enhance accountability which kills corruption and bring about progress which we can call development!”“The public facilities that we see seem to be privatized and profit driven. Service to the investor has been forgotten or charged heavily.

  • The lighting company is state owned.
  • The water company is state owned.
  • The health facilities state owned.
  • The central bank state owned.
  • The county councils state owned.
  • All parastatals state owned.
  • The port and revenue authority state owned.
  • Agricultural and industrial activities state owned.
  • The British American tobacco state owned.

“But without the peoples funding the state owned activities collapse! And the more you earn the more you are taxed. So the rich tax payer pays more they should start complaining more. Then the medium earner should let their voice out in complain, hence the low earner who is a huge contributor can have the right to demand for accountability and better services for all the state owned business are evidence of the tax paid in the working. The question to ask where do they take the profits and money they have been making since? It is not invested here in this country. Maybe just spent and wasted easily, lavishly.”

“Your Kenyan taxation money aint enough for the men in suits. They still shamelessly go ahead using our Kenyan problems to acquire and source out huge foreign monetary assistance which never reaches the people. The people with the problems only get huge foreign debts to be serviced forever.”

“Their families won’t change them, they want more of the lifestyle their corrupt bread winner has accustomed them too. In Kenya its a double tragedy.The defense forces all have one thing in common. They come to eat.Even before, they paid and struggled to join the forces they knew they were going for a harvest all of them. To us the tax is imposed by law. Accountability from them will be imposed by your voices, your genuine cry, your refusal to finance their lifestyle and your united demonstration against this brutal corruption. If we call them thieves openly maybe they wouldn’t sleep at night. But if we just throw our left hand to them in disgust, and the right hand still feeding them with our tax whose the looser? Ignorance?”

“This money that we are giving to the government it is spoiling them. Imagine they are asking us to imagine a vision 2030, do they mean they are saving all our money? Starving some for that vision 2030? This dream we try to visualize in our minds but the behaviors that exist in our leaders blood, even a young child will say leaders lie. This is the capital city No lights, clean water pipes. They lie.Oh!my! Vision 2030! is a dream. A wet dream. Your corrupt dream! This vision 2030 is it for the city only what about the village tax payer.”

“Sometimes the government plays with your mind and helps you save for your old age. It tells you tourism is a major income earner yet you still snatch the tourist’s bag I understand. You don’t see the income around. We may know some things, why not you know too. What the government knows best is how to get your money from all angles, and the more unknowingly the better for us all. Who NEEDS A WAR? Revolution time is now! The government is a cursed lot. We need to turn a leaf.”

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