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Rare wonders once happened in a certain jail in one of the fine days of lives of men. A very rich and compassionate man decided to pay huge amounts for jailers to be set free. The persuit for the freedom the man guaranteed was on an optional basis. It was upon those in captivity to decide whether to be free or remain behind the bars. The hand of mercy was for all but some of the jailers decided to serve their sentences; according to them , the chambers of the jail was their comfort zone. On the other hand , others cherished the freedom , happy to reunite with their great families. They appreciated the favour from the rich man!

That is the very best illustration to express God’s mercy to human kind. Many people both Christians and non Christians believes God is cruel. They question God concerning His readiness to see His own creation in the pool of fire (sheol). Before blaming God, we should understand the Scriptures . What does the Bible tells us about God?

God is merciful, He sent His only son to heal human kind from their sins (John 3:16 , 1 John 4:8-9).This proves God’s love the World . Imagine sacrificing your own son, it is evident that no human being can do such. God did it willingly for us all to be liberated from all our burdens. He did it for the weak to be strengthened and for the poor to be given eternal hope. God is good! He sent His son to us not because we loved Him but because He loved us.

Due to our sins, we were not worth to be sons of the most High but God was not pleased about that . Through His unwavering mercy, God gave us the privilege to be His sons; How? Through believing that Jesus is the Christ (1 John 5:1). We are all entitled to be part of God’s Kingdom. It’s a gift given to all nations regardless of your race , tribe or your language. God loves us all and He is rich in mercy (Ephesians 2:4) therefore He is delighted when we lead lives that pleases Him.

It takes us to discover that our lives are not for our own glory but rather for God’s glory so as to know that God is not cruel. Our lives should be less of us and more of God. By determining God’s mercy upon our lives , we shall never pray for miracles in our lives because our day to day experiences is enough miracles. We offer nothing to God to be alive, God gave us our parents and siblings at no cost, He gives us children even when we never ask. We breath fresh air freely! Promotions in our jobs, Graduating from level to level in our education, serving as His servants are all fruits of His Grace. Nature provides nothing to us , all these gifts are from our Merciful father.

The Lord is faithful and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one (2 Thessalonians 3:3). This verse points clearly that God is against any evil happening to us. The ‘evil one’ desire is to make you suffer but our relief is in the hands of God. Having faith in God is a world class decision . No matter the circumstances, be on your guard; stand firm in faith ; be men of courage ; be strong . (1 Corinthians 16:13)

God is not worth to be blamed of cruelty either in the light or darkness. His mercy surpass every fear of men. His grace is the power we have to stand . The same way that death was impossible to keep its hold on Christ ( the author and finisher of our faith and salvation ) is the same way it will be impossible for death to hold us. As Jesus was the son of God , we are also sons of God through Him. We are all privileged for eternity. That’s was the ultimate reason for your creation. God created us to leave with Him in His everlasting Kingdom.


In our previous study we learnt that Christianity is sharing what Christ endured. Therefore, the eternal life comes with a price. For as to graduate for it we must become disciples .Discipleship comes with the cost of carrying our crosses and follow Jesus. (Luke 14:27)
So we should make sure we are true believers (saved); having received Christ squarely in our lives to accept the word of the cross for the word of cross is foolishness to those perishing (I Corinthians 1:18) but to the saved is the power of God.

Up to this juncture , you must have proved beyond contradiction that God Is perfect (James 23:19), in Him everything is possible (Luke 1:37), He is immanent (Isiah 57:15) and His joy is boundless and constant ( Philippians 2:6-8)
God has perfect love to us ( 1 John 3:1), His wisdom is also perfect ( Romans 11:33), He is holy ( Revelation 15:14), He has moral perfection (Psalms 103: 1-18), (Hebrews 6:18)

We can conclude that , God is just,merciful, gracious kind, loving , caring and compassionate. His will is very perfect. His desire is not to see mankind ending to hell but as the very rich man , He gives us the choice , either to remain at the jail or hug the freedom granted to us freely. We don’t expect the rich man to force those who have willingly decided to be bounded by the chains of captivity . It’s obvious He will be happy with those accepting His offer. God has assigned to us all eternal life through His son Jesus Christ , freely . But we don’t expect Him to force those willing to lead their lives against Him. He will cherish with those accepting Him and live with them forever in His Kingdom. It’s a matter of choice, you can choose to remain in the bondage or decide to accept the freedom !

Be Blessed !

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