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The doctrine of faith is so complicated especially to teens. In the new world era, it’s so hard to find most people of the middle age giving their lives to God. It’s obvious that the world gives much for people to turn their faces away from God rather than accepting His message. It’s so hard to make people believe that they are responsible in predetermining their lives especially on matters of hell and paradise. Most people believe it’s a matter of fate.

Christianity is a sacrifice. The very best definition of Christianity is that ,”Christianity is enduring what Christ endured.” Therefore, Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. It is a transition that calls one to grow in knowledge and power in determining what God wants in his/her life. It is only by grace that a person become a christian. Through grace we discover the purpose of God in our lives through His only son Jesus who is the mystery which was hidden to many generations but revealed to us by grace.

Religious leaders makes people believe that God is cruel. When something ill happens they say that God wanted it to happen. Scriptures from James 1:13 explains vividly that God is never the source of evil. When your life gives you bitterness , sufferings and pain do not blame God rather seek deliverance from Him. God cannot stop bad things from happening to us simple because the earth is not the paradise He promised. Though God is not the source of our suffering , He permits it to happen to you to test your faith in Him . A good example is the life of Job.

God is a merciful God. He feels so bad to see His creation suffering . God loves justice ( psalms 37:28) therefore, He cares deeply about what is right and wrong. He hates when people suffer because His compassion ousts human understanding .His heart is saddened when He sees badness in the past (Genesis 6:5,6) and to add on that, our God never changes.(Malachi 3:6).

Therefore, God’s voice is calling from far. His is knocking at our doors. We are all His children and He is our father . He wants us to accept Him through His son Jesus Christ , our redeemer, saviour and friend. We should not harden our hearts because of the circumstances we are enduring . You can rebell corruption, poor decisions, poverty, lack of knowledge, injustices but do not hold rebellion to your creator at any cost.

We should follow Jesus and accept His will to our lives. Jesus is the only mentor we need to reap external and eternal benefits . He was called a sinner because of our sins, a criminal because of our blindness and crucified for our everlasting liberty. Jesus is good and He is God . We need to abid to His way and welcome Him to our lives as we move with force towards sanctification. He died and He is alive awaiting for us to die and restore our lives to be with us in paradise . We are privileged beings among God’s creations . Jesus is the only just ruler, ruling angels and human beings . Forever and ever.

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