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I wanted to be a rapper

Post Views = 1892“Growing up as a young man, my dream was to be the best rapper in the world,” Says Isabirye Jonathan Collins from the land of Museveni. “All I would do in high school was composing rap songs and presenting to the audiences at school.” As he tells me this, I wonder if this really matters at this …

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Of YALI moments, and the nights we never rolled over peacefully

Post Views = 6171The first day looks like we landed on the moon from different countries. And from our space gear, we salute each other and try to get to know each other. We forget our mission momentarily and have a seat on the rocky surfaces of the moon, unsure of what our excursion will look like. We trade banters …

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Post Views = 2148It is in the evening of 12th, on a warm Sunday. Ruling inside of me is this anxiety that nothing can kill, pushing me to the edge of fretfulness because that’s what anxiety does to people. I cannot stay at one spot, or even think clearly; everything seems to move gradually, in a way that irritates me …

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