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Diamond jar

Post Views = 913My jar was golden, all gold It shone, it glittered, it sparkled I held it carefully in both hands My eyes never left my jar I carried it around, in my hands I dreamt my jar, I spoke my jar The golden jar was me But I stumbled My toe trapped by a creeper My jar came …

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Botched: The wedding that never was

Post Views = 887By Tabitha Ezra There was a time I made a serious decision which soon landed me on the verge of shame and humiliation. Well, it happened that my ex-fiancĂ© and I had planned for a wedding. It was supposed to be simple but very beautiful. We had intended to use this occasion to create a powerful bond …

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To Those who Think my Wife is Ugly

Post Views = 4493It is five years now since I got hitched to the queen of my heart, Jane. Jane was and still is the love of my life. Our wedding was not full of grandeur or opulence as we did not have much money then. During our wedding, which cost us 50,000 bob, many of my friends boycotted to …

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