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A walk into the SDA church

Post Views = 3957Am I the only one who is struggling with personal identity? I have had several conversations with friends and attended a couple of seminars, identity remains a desire of ages. Listening to experts and men of accomplishments speak, you become ignited in spirit and expect things to turn upside down in a minute. I may not be …

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Let’s now get you some nice wife

Post Views = 1371He who finds a good wife obtains favour from the Lord. The importance of a right union cannot be overemphasized. Any young man upon contemplating on the subject of marriage has an obligation to choose wisely his destiny. As it is being chronicled in the holy book, the Bible, a wife is the cornerstone of any marriage. …

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Why SDA guys are underrated

Post Views = 3984It is a preconceived opinion that SDA guys are very elegant. This is especially because they are seen in suits on Sabbaths. However, the dressing code has little to do with romance. When talking about love and mutual relationships, ladies can confirm that they dream of a man who can make them feel like queens and princesses. …

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