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Wailing Soul

Post Views = 6552 Before that new year post last week, I had been away for quite a while. It will suffice to say that I was battling with demons. November turned out to be quite a rough month for me. A month in which I cursed and lamented and cried on the floor of my bedsit wondering why on …

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Sentimental Trivialities

Post Views = 11840I have loved and not been loved back, been loved and not loved back. I do not know what is more tragic, to be broken or to break others? Like so many others my story begins with that same old line, ‘So anyway, there was this woman…. Until one day there wasn’t. And nothing was ever the …

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Post Views = 5560Teardrop Small is the teardrop But deep is the grief Down the face it rolls Gliding softly in single balls Teardrop! Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip!   Teardrop Comes in simplicity Paving complexity in it So hard to understand So easy to roll, so easy to drop But leaves our eyes red and bitter.   Teardrop Has somber …

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