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A conversation with self

Post Views = 8393 There was a man I knew when I was growing up. He came from my village, in the deepest thighs of Kisii land. Same age and height, complexion and the nasty look finished his appearance off. He was the exact copy of me. You see I knew him since I was young. His mother passed on …

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Post Views = 2426It is in the evening of 12th, on a warm Sunday. Ruling inside of me is this anxiety that nothing can kill, pushing me to the edge of fretfulness because that’s what anxiety does to people. I cannot stay at one spot, or even think clearly; everything seems to move gradually, in a way that irritates me …

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A moment with Mzangila- Story of my life

Post Views = 5878Interview by Esther Wangari Kibathi I caught up with Mzangila of the legendary lifestyle Brand whose contribution to Karatina fraternity in terms of leadership, influence, and calling out bad leaders as well as entertaining through his writing has been notable. Here is a moment with the most desirable man who caught a glint in the eyes of …

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