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Of YALI moments, and the nights we never rolled over peacefully

Post Views = 6175The first day looks like we landed on the moon from different countries. And from our space gear, we salute each other and try to get to know each other. We forget our mission momentarily and have a seat on the rocky surfaces of the moon, unsure of what our excursion will look like. We trade banters …

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Of Ajira Digital and the aftermath of its women

Post Views = 851I was going through the comments section of the blog. There are around 1k comments, most of which are spams. Going through them, I was sieving what to go and what to hold. The spams kissed the bin, while I approved the sense-making ones. Then my cursor lands on a comment from Koko on Day 2 at …

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In this homestretch

Post Views = 433In This Homestretch There wasn’t sleep on me today. Yester night I slept quite early, at around 8. To a person who is used to sleep at mid-night, sleeping at 8pm can be a gross nightmare. Let’s face it, if I sleep early before my time, there are two outcomes; waking up in the middle of the …

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