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Tough love

Post Views = 1076Strict upbringing can, without being squeezed even a little, be what I would like to call TOUGH LOVE. Has your parent, I mean the one who claims to have given you life done something, something that they do to you and you forget how to spell the word ‘cat’ for what feels like a couple of hours? …

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The unusual job; One million, in cash!

Post Views = 1199On Monday I went to town to meet a friend. A schoolmate in fact who graduated a year before me. This chic had whatsapped me the previous night asking me if I was available for some opportunity. In this Kenya just know one thing, opportunities that you’re called for using WhatsApp sometimes ain’t what you’re specifically looking …

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The transition

Post Views = 1040I was travelling from Karatina to Nairobi on Monday. For the last time I had to look back with a sore eye, to the place I had called home away from home for close to five years. In those years, I never conceived of such a day to greet me with wide grins. The love and the …

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