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Dear Moriaty

Post Views = 1950It has been a while since our last correspondence. I address you as Moriaty to conceal your real identity just so my friends won’t be on my back and neck immediately after am done writing this. More so, yours won’t be visiting your inbox to ask if we are back together or we broke up again or …

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Bravery in Bravado

Post Views = 5007Credit to Reuben Muhindi. I found it incumbent that your thoughts and convictions be shared on this platform. We are living in times when the pressure to perform, to impress and be something is intense and the stakes excruciatingly high. There is pressure to please others and the world in general; to look perfect, to look strong, …

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The Moles At Our Places Of Work

Post Views = 1081I am one of those guys who look forward to Fridays. Fridays are so dear to me that I can kill someone for it. They are those days that I have lean energy for work, a constipated stomach and red eyes due to sleep overlaps missed during the week. It is the only day that grins paste …

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