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Old times in a new era

Post Views = 5232 I joined my old man in the front porch. I pulled the chair next to his and sat on it while my old man took calculated sips of evening tea loudly. He looked ahead and only his ears were aware of my presence. Before us a breathtaking evening sun in a huge yellow ball being swallowed …

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A moment with Mzangila- Story of my life

Post Views = 5930Interview by Esther Wangari Kibathi I caught up with Mzangila of the legendary lifestyle Brand whose contribution to Karatina fraternity in terms of leadership, influence, and calling out bad leaders as well as entertaining through his writing has been notable. Here is a moment with the most desirable man who caught a glint in the eyes of …

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Welcome to the world Calvin

Post Views = 1659WELCOME TO THE WORLD BOY. I am sitting on a wooden chair in some dump joint in Kona mbaya. Not the one that Inspekta Mwala operates in during his frantic efforts to search for criminals and indicte them. No. It is a different Corner, with a C at the start. Corner is sandwiched between Naivasha Road and …

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