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The life she chose

Post Views = 808In my family, there are four kids, though I have several stepsisters who have kids even older than I am. I don’t know some of these step sissies or I have just seen them once- in funerals because that seems to be the only unifying factor for the ties they hold in Chweya’s family. My papa comes …

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Where shall we go?

Post Views = 891Where should we go, we who meander in this no man’s land looking for better selves? Where might we go, we who have gone in and out of similar courses each day? What should we wear, we who have strolled exposed now that we have depleted all designs? What should we sing, we who have sang and …

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When I die

Post Views = 1330There are two things I fear courting- sickness and death. Sickness weakens and ages your soul. The soul gets torn and at that moment of sickness, I usually feel like a mango seed after every steak of its meat has been devoured. Sickness slows your steps to those of a toddler trying to walk on two for …

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