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Why your son will never play in the EPL

Post Views = 3560The world cup starts in less than three days and football is all over the air; but before we start a conversation about world cup, there’s something else you should know first. The most popular league in Kenya is not the Kenyan premier league but the English Premier league mostly referred to as the EPL. Most football …

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Welcome 2018

Post Views = 749This is all I can tell you, it is not that I was there earlier than any of you. It happened to all of us at the same time, different timelines for some. Most of us were looking forward to it, with goals, others with no plan. Whatever the case we’re here- those of us lucky enough …

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To mama

Post Views = 813I very much had the impetus of writing something about models, but then I thought my mother would be so cross with me in her tomb. My mother would wear a cold face if at all, during this mothers’ day I didn’t dedicate a long post to cherish and credit her for raising a nerd like me. …

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