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One for the Heart

Post Views = 6432 I think he is the only person I ever tell my shit genuinely. He is the first person I ever told odd things about me, dark things, without ever thinking twice. I open to him like you would extend your arm to a girl for a dance, without caring if you’ll trip on the floor during …

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Those Who Did me Wrong

Post Views = 7971She looked at her daughter who looked right back at her. Had she been teaching her the right kind of lessons? It’s only a matter of time before she left her protective wing and learn to fly on her own. It was in the year I finished high school. I among all the other leavers were in …

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A moment with Mzangila- Story of my life

Post Views = 6226Interview by Esther Wangari Kibathi I caught up with Mzangila of the legendary lifestyle Brand whose contribution to Karatina fraternity in terms of leadership, influence, and calling out bad leaders as well as entertaining through his writing has been notable. Here is a moment with the most desirable man who caught a glint in the eyes of …

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