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A story of his life- James Githeki

Post Views = 2152I met him for the first time during my third year in college. Karatina University is such a small community, but even then it might take ages to know someone unless they’re conspicuous or hold a certain position. It meant you had to be either of the two things- influential due to your position, be it a …

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Should You Date a Model

Post Views = 1968Disclaimer! Dear female models, I mean no harm by writing this. Everything in here is a mess. It savors like a broken promise. It hurts, leaves scars and indelible memories that will keep goring at your self-esteem. The words herein may bring upon your life gaps that never existed before. Your perfection may risk deletion after today. …

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Post Views = 1178Today you may want to borrow a low stool in order to read this. We don’t want you sneezing off your high chair, those that exist in bars. Things at one time become hard to swallow, even the simplest of them. The intricate stuff is treated with uncertainty and fear because who wants to run into a …

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