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Mother, tell me

Post Views = 1219Let me ask mother I stopped the tears but they flowed What now? Mother, you held me on the shoulders. And I recited in my small boy voice That men don’t cry and their tears dried When Murungu made them Their wells emptied out Mother but I have seen the sky somersault The sun has stood right …

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Pray for me

Post Views = 1016There is always a temptation of pursuing something that you truly know will result into negative repercussions. On most occasions the power to surrender to that temptation is largely dominant. You ask yourself- why not try something new? After all it might turn out to be adventurous. The truth is uglier that the thought of adventure. Some …

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The barber

Post Views = 4223There is always something cheeky when a new barber lands a shaving machine on your head, worse still on your chin to shave your beard. It is a cold moment for us men. Suddenly you become tense, nervous and very impersonal. And the intrinsic value you have for that barber at that moment reels out of you, …

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