Sweets as a currency.

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So this badass tells me he can write, you know. That he can be a creative writer. Since I am this good guy who doesn’t have a NO vocabulary in his dic, (c’mon, its a dictionary) I welcome him to this world where things happen because they have to. And he forwards it to my mail and I immediately post it half-lethargic. What do you think?

I get mad every time I go to a supermarket and I’m given sweets as part of my change. A few days ago, I felt thirsty and as it happened I was passing a certain supermarket (name undisclosed for you all know why purposes). I decided to go for bottled water.


My thirst was huge so I went for the 1.5 litres which goes for 58 Bob. The young lady cashier hands me two twenty bob coins and two sweets as change for the 100 bob I gave her. I tell her, “No, I don’t take sweets for change”. She tells me,” I don’t have coins,” and gets ready to call the next person in the queue. I demand my two shillings change, she stands her ground she has no coins. “Then why do you put coins in your prices if you have don’t have coins to give change?” I’m now almost shouting. I don’t wish to cause a scene over two bob so I take the sweets and walk away fuming…not because of some useless two bob but because of the thievery that goes on in supermarkets with the cheap 10 cent sweets they give away in place of shillings.


I swear to teach them a lesson-not tomorrow, now! I walk to the luggage counter located just at the entrance just at the entrance/exit, leave the water and walk back into the self-service store. I remember just in time that I actually needed toothpaste. So I go and bam! There’s a Colgate maxfresh that is going for 53 shillings. I pick that and walk to the cashiers, making sure to go to the same one who gave me sweets. She punches the Colgate into the cash register and I hand her 51 shillings and the two sweets. She looks at me and asks, “What’s this for?” Referring to the two sweets. “You gave me those, remember me? Since you guys seem to have made sweets a currency, I can as well pay with them!”

With the most serious expression she could master, the girl, who doesn’t look so young now tells me, “We don’t take sweets from outside.”


The shop manager who just happened to be passing by heard the now heated exchange and stopped to find out what was happening. “This girl gave me sweets as change a few minutes ago in spite of my protests that I don’t chew sweets. I went back to the shop and took this toothpaste and added the sweets to the money that I have but she will not take the sweets saying ati they are from outside. If you can give sweets as change and therefore a form of currency, why don’t you accept them as such?” The manager just smiled, perhaps concluding that I’m either a nut case or a smart-ass, said to the cashier, “It’s okay,chukua” (It’s okay take the sweets),gave me my toothpaste and I left the shop. I walked away with an air of triumph around me while the people in the queue almost cheered.


José Cooper.

He calls himself José Cooper, a name that sounds like borrowed from a cattle dip, but anyway he is a great buddy you can go easy with. He is a pal from college.

-photo credit: amazon

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