She is going to die

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She was born a few days ago at the end of last year. The whole world extolled her birth because she was a symbol of new beginnings for everyone. There were cheers, ululations, people stayed up late, brewers made their best wines, drunks toasted rounds of liquors, Christians stayed late in church waiting for her birth, men went to taverns, women made chapattis in their homes, and the moon came out of its hiding with a wide smile. The sky was cloudless, the earth was full of happiness.  All to welcome her into the world.

Now she has lived her life well. The shelf life meant for her is yet to end on 31st. Another girl will be born, and people will celebrate even more merrily. It was a long journey. She walked through varied seasons- winter, summer, autumn and even spring. Never did she give up on the way because if she did, paydays would cease, students wouldn’t get done with studies and graduate, we would not age, we would never develop. The whole world would have been stagnant and rotten. People would die of hunger. It would have been a very different story.

Now she is old and toothless. She is going to die a dreadful death. People will not grief because they will be busy with a new born who will come to replace her. They will trample over her head and soon enough she will be forgotten. The earth will not remember her for the pleasant things she did, it will only say that she was a wicked one. A floozie who fucked everyone in the neighbourhood. During her entombment people will dance on her grave, get drunk, make fireworks, pour dirt upon her grave, and she will lose nobility. That will be the end.

In her grave, tears will roll down her smooth cheeks. She will understand then that no much good can make people feel grateful.  In her next life she should bethink being conscientious because being nice is costly. Tears will overwhelm her, get her exhausted and sleep will knock her off. Forever. Gone from the face of the earth.

We have come a long way in 2016. We have jumped hurdles, combated challenges, faced down moments, graced in glow and glam, walked on the moon, and even got back. New jobs, higher salaries, new outfits, graduation, new car, nicer apartment, kids, family, good life. All these include something that has changed when she was alive. In one way or another she helped you achieve it. And now, she is going down.

Some people in this world will forget her soon. They will forget that she ever lived. They will be thankful because she obscured their success and now she is gone. But some of us do not forget how beautiful she has made our lives to be. She is a reason to grin. Even so, there is no much to say but rather to settle scores because when she is gone she won’t be there to witness the treaties we make. Minus her, none of them will elicit any importance.

So I wanna say a few confessions.  You see it has been a long year. Much has gone down. We have changed. We have done things we are not proud of. Things that we are guilty of. And as they say, to be a real man is about acknowledging your mistakes- something many men never subscribe to, simply because a gentleman is a dying art. I’m not that many men. And that is why I want to acknowledge, confess and ask for forgiveness.

Before she dies…

Sometimes we write, we write without knowing the impact of our words. Since people have different understandings, some get offended. On this blog I have offended many people who think I deserve to ask for forgiveness. There is no single day that I wake up, sit on a chair and feed my computer words meant to hurt anyone. I have never had that intention. All I intend is to share my life experiences, to inspire, to motivate, to change a life and more so leave a mark in somebody’s life. To all my readers who I have offended, I ask you to forgive me.

It is possible that in one way or another I used my influence to take advantage of someone. There is always a temptation. Always. In the off chance that it happened, I’m sorry. I was raised better than that.

In life we survive by interacting and depending on others. During those interactions there is a possibility that I offended someone, again, I want to say I’m sorry.

2016 has been long. Maybe there is a friend of mine I engaged with rudely, or did something bad, how I request you to forgive me, so that as we enter a new year, we may bury the old and fortify our friendship.

There were numerous instances when I was merciless and violent on social media, especially in comment segments. I have hurled insults, thumped someone on the chest hard with words, and later regretted. Social media is open, and at times there is a feeling to settle scores there and there. An urge to show might of words, or education. A wrong trap. I’m sure I withdrew the comments in many cases, but I did not ask for forgiveness. To all those I attacked on social media, I’m am truly sorry. When she comes around, let us be friends again. I treasure you.

To those who felt I neglected them, it was not my wish. The circumstances were tough, got busier, and life took another turn. I had you in my heart. But still, I’m sorry I was not there for you.

Love is not one of my top priorities right now. I’m still a baby, learning. So for all those who felt the love gap, or to those I didn’t reach the threshold, again I’m sorry. Find in your hearts a place to forgive me, and let us continue being friends.

Of course during her course, I let so many people down. Uncountable times. It is a good time to ask for forgiveness. She made me do it. Next year you can always count on me.

However, I cannot ignore to appreciate the bright side of 2016

First on behalf of Mzangila Group and the 6 writers of this blog, I thank all our readers for the support you’ve given us during her time. Thanks for the consistent readership, motivation and even the moral support you injected to the success of this year. Sometimes we write not sure whether our writs will be read. But we always write, and when you read, there is certain joy that crosses our hearts. That is what keeps us doing it again and again. God bless you for that, gang.

To all my true friends, what more could I ask? I appreciate you all. Let us keep it tight.

To all those whose love broke the dykes and overflowed to me, I thank you. I love you back.

I am thankful for all those who supported me during hard times, I’m grateful. Without you life’s miseries would have cut my head.

I forgive all those who hurt me. I have forgotten. And as I say, life is so small for us to be enemies.

To all those who showed me light, challenged me, gave me insight, switched on the lights when it was dark, 2017 will be a year to do more of that again.


Biggest lessons

By Oyunga Pala- never believe in your own hype.

Barrack Obama- out there you are going to see Mzangila, that is not me.

Anonymous- life here on earth is too small for us to be enemies.

Best author

Paulo Coelho- I loved his books- The Alchemist, The winner stands alone. He has published many good books, keep reading.

Best book

The Monk who sold his Ferrari. Read it last year, and still oozes nude freshness till today.


Finally I would like to thank God for seeing us through. Let us meet again next year, a day like this probably. If there will be any changes, we shall let you know.


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Thank you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 folks!

2016- Mzangila 2016

2017- Mzangila Empire.


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