Of Deputy governor and mistress(es)

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The water is swirling and sharks circling ready to devour him, tear him into a thousand pieces. The sharks in this case are extra generous and even willing to share their meals with other creatures of the sea. The have sent word across the deep ends of their territories for friends and foes alike to join them in this ravaging experience just about to go down. They want to tear him apart and make sure he never rises again. Such is the case of the Kirinyaga deputy governor.

Though I am not a master in delving into other people’s privacy, allow me to air my opinion on this matter. To me, it goes beyond a mere case of adultery to a broader spectrum on how we, as a society employ toxic double standards in our judgement. It was not morally, religiously or culturally right for these two to do what they did. But, is it personally wrong? Did the man deserve that treatment? They are two adults empowered to consent by the laws of our land. When are we going to learn the importance of respecting people’s choices even when we don’t subscribe to them? Since when did we become the assistants of God in judging others? Ironically, we are masters at other people’s faults but very poor when it comes to our own realities.

As I have already highlighted, there are many angles from which to look at the issue and none can exist independently. I will dig into a few and after considering the facts on the table you can proceed and go judge him if that is your thing.

People should understand that at no point in history (pre-history to as late as the 1800s) were men ever expected to have one partner. Men were always expected to have concubines and multiple wives. Men are promiscuous creatures by nature. Why else would the testicles produce a million sperms every day? What for? Trying to force a man to be monogamous is essentially forcing him to go against his biological wiring and what’s he’s always innately known as a man. Grazing on one acre is not normal for a man, I’m not saying it’s impossible. It can be done and it is being done. Though the trend is shifting and men are becoming more faithful than women these days. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that being committed to one woman is still an unnatural and foreign act. With that said, I want to move on to the next facet. Let it be clear that I am not trying to defend him or justify his action. I am merely presenting facts. It should therefore be noted that he will not be the first man to cheat or have a mistress. And being a man in power only worsens the situations. Men in power have since time immemorial been having affairs and concubines. This is nothing new.

The other facet to be looked at is the possibility of this whole scenario being a setup orchestrated by people with the intention of squeezing some coins out of him. This I gather from the fact that it took quite some time to post the video. Whatever the excuse they have for not being punctual in destroying another man’s reputation, I still sense bad politics. Not forgetting the lady: she surely must be part of the con. And if that’s the case she might have well been psychologically prepared for the same knowing very well that the spotlight would be on the man and not her.

I would love to postulate that this might have been a carefully executed plan by some political opposition but that wouldn’t cut it. Why? Because I don’t believe a deputy governor whose name we hardly knew before this scandal would be a threat to anyone who would wield such wild imagination and go to such lengths. I also doubt there is any politician who would put in the time just for such a bad quality video. At least they would have availed some quality gadgets for a high resolution video to avoid the possibility of anyone claiming it was photo-shopped. Right?

Another facet would be a classic case of thirsty bosses and desperate women. In recent times, the tentacles of the predator bosses have grown far and wide and the pandemic of ‘sex for jobs’ has become real. Women are getting pestered for sexual favors by employers before getting hired or promoted. But in this instance let’s go with getting hired because I don’t think the lady in question was an employee of the county government of Kirinyaga. Part of the grotesqueness of it all is that a sizeable portion of women say “yes” out of desperation. A lot of young girls are desperate to succeed quickly: desperate to drive posh cars, live in posh neighborhoods, go on vacations, wear expensive clothes and do everything they see their ‘successful’ female role models do on social media. That is perhaps the reason you will never hear complaints about the same because women agree to undress and in return get the favor. Of course it never always goes well. Some are dubbed and ‘eaten’ for nothing in return. I haven’t heard the lady complain so it might just be one of these.

I might go on and on over endless possibilities of what might have actually transpired and postulating my conspiracy theories but I know I might be wrong. Maybe in this case the simplest answer is actually the correct one; that he was cheating and got busted. Maybe with someone’s wife as I’ve heard and the husband decided that tainting the deputy govenor’s image was the best revenge he could get. After all, there is no court you can take someone for sleeping with your wife. They should set one up. I’ll even volunteer to be a prosecutor. A male Fatou Bensouda prosecuting people for crimes against marital sanctity in our own national marital court of justice.

This might perhaps be a little out of the subject matter but I have had people complaining about something they were calling toothpick that is in one way or another related to this issue. As a man, I know things can shrink intense situations like the one the man in question was exposed to. Even a rained on lion shrinks but it remains to be a lion. Whenever it wants to devour, it devours. Case closed.

Now let one without sin be the first to cast the stone. If you are married and have never cheated on your partner, be the first to cast the stone. If you are in a relationship and have never been involved with several (more than one) romantic partners at the same time, please step forward and be the first.

The issue of involvement of the governor is just a moral one and the question of him being beaten a legal one which I think should also be addressed and those responsible brought to justice.

Kindly share your thoughts on the section below.

©Cooper Jose Njoroge

Morality is the basis of things and truth is the basis of all morality.

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