Now Let us sing for our daddies

= 1957

The unsung heroes of the family.


Over the years the praise for mums has been overly overrated. Every dam mathafaka want to say how their mum is the best, every nigger wants to sing a song for their mommas, and every fucking poets wanna look me on the face and say shit like my momma rocks.
Who gives a shit about all these shit? I do.

I wanna say that no matter how much we wanna pretend and eliminate our daddies from the picture, I stand to rejoice for the work our paps are doing. Where the hell do these ladies acquire pregnancies from? Monkeys have been reported to have been having sex with some females, but no cases of monkey-generated pregnancy cases ever filed.

Men have to be celebrated too. They are good people. Wherever and whenever you walk you have to notice women with large tummies, which mostly are signs of pregnancy, all from a man’s sperms. Those sperms are valuable. Without them there is no baby.

As much as the lady goes through a lot in carrying the pregnancy and bringing up kids, men also are good fathers. All of them may not be responsible, just like other women, but they also contribute to manufacturing a baby n also rearing it up.

Biology has proved that the man’s chromosomes are intelligent. Meaning a big portion of the intelligence possessed by a kid has strong roots from his father. Have you not noticed how these ladies terribly search for nerds, intelligent guys so as to have bright kids? That’s the reason.

While a woman is pregnant, she can hardly do any chores at some point. The man of the house sacrifices himself in becoming the temporal wife, and still continue being the man of the house. He has to go to work in order for him to clear bills, save for the baby, buy food stuff, feed his wife, and buy her maternity clothes n stuff like that. He gets back from work, works on the dishes, cooks, cleans the mess, and sends her wife to bed and sleep beside her all night, hold her all through ,as a sign of love n protect her from the unknown.

Medical checkups are quite common vocabulary to pregnant women. Prenatal care means she has to visit the clinic often to monitor progress of the foetus. The husband takes her there. He has to be by her side n hold her hand, wipe her tears, comfort her n convince her to get needled if it’s painful encourage her.

In fact sometimes wen you take your wife to the clinic to get these needles, they can get there na wadinde kabisa. Some of them cry, uuui ni uchungu, mi sitaki. As a man you stand there, observe the crap and encourage to persevere with the agony.

Kids get born every day. I don’t think all the fathers to those kids are irresponsible, or they are drunkards, or they are silly bastards, or that they suck. If they are, if they suck, why open your legs to them???? It simply implies some nasty shit about you. You are a bitch. All of us are given brains.

There aren’t no dummy who can’t decide what is best for her pussy. That’s unacceptable. Women have control over their vaginas. So if she conceives a baby and accuses the kid’s father for not manning up and doing his thing, then she has a brain deformity herself. The problem is with her because she didn’t give a damn about the repercussion. That said I continue.

These same men wake every day to toil so as to provide for their families. They do. They undergo through a lot of pressures to make ends meet. After the hustle they come home with a kg of beef and some shopping. Is that not contributing towards your child’s upbringing?

These ladies want the man to sit at home and tend the kids, at the same time provide, for them to say that those men are responsible fathers and loving husband. Who the fuck does stay at home tending kids if not a nanny or baby mama? We go out to put our shit together to put some food on the table for kids to eat and grow.

So this crap about mommas going through tremendous pain to bring up kids should cease. The incessant weak statements, hamjui huwa tunapitia nini, should stop from today. You ladies don’t know anything about doing all the shit mentioned above- staying around you when pregnant, putting up with your mood swings, throwing up on our nice shirts, hearing all the crap you got to say to us, feigning sickness and taking advantage on us to get things done, numerous demands,fucking cravings, putting up with dirty bullshit that has no meaning, giving us endless lists of what you want your kid to have, having unrealistic wishes, and the sexual starvation we go through, and still stay as faithful as a dog.

We fucking take you to clinic, we hustle, we pay bills from rent, electricity, water, phone, loans zenye ulichukua mahali ukaacha madeni na hatujui ulifanya nini nazo, pay school fees, buy uniforms and books, take you to salon, buy you clothes and gifts, take you out, buy you a brand new X8, and fucking give you money to go out and chill with your ‘girlfriends’. And by the way, what is this crap about having girlfriends and calling each other swirry? Someone explain this to me…

Anyway don’t you see that a man does a lot to be celebrated as a father? Doesn’t he deserve a standing ovation for toiling hard to keep his family in shape? Why is he not appreciated????

As much as we can afford to celebrate our mothers and having mothers’ day every week, let us understand that our fathers and husbands also need similar applause. They deserve to be congratulated.
They sweat to make the baby while woman is just lying on bed her legs wide open… we deserve that chance motherfuckers.

Happy Fathers’ Day daily, to all fathers………may we live long. Give a toast to all fathers.

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