Not yet over

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I still believe that you love me, without you I can die
Without you I cannot sleep, with you I can live
Without you I cannot eat, with you I can laugh
I still love you, because it is not yet over.

Down the memory I chase the dreams, to rear babies with you
Those tough memories linger still, even though you left me
I still hear your whispers, echoes of love reverberating through my veins
The appeal of your adoration, in me it stays for eternity.

Look at me, yonder and optimistic
We can work things out girl, our dreams to accomplish
Remember the dreams, that we could travel to moon and back?
Where are those times baby, when our love was immaculate?
It is not yet over.

The yearn, kills the urge for other girls
You stole my heart, burrowed it and conveyed it on your back
At any rate recover that to me, so that I may cherish others as well
If you ain’t coming back, please return my heart
It ain’t over yet.

I have found the light, I have held for long
I discovered the hero, with you I am clearing out
I found the dreams, I the chaser got tired
But still, you haunt my dreams
I want it to be over.

I want to leave, now that you listen not
My pleas to others I may pitch, in love to search
I need to love, and you must give me back my heart,
My loving heart, that I may love others too.
It is over now.

The love is gone, the hold up is over
I have gone, and back won’t look
I want love, am so forlorn
And you, cannot deny me that open door
Because it is my life, discharge me.
It is now over!

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    wow….thst was meant for my ex…

  2. aint yet over..still love burns.

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