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New Year Resolutions

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My story started from the hills of a dingy village in Kisii, damned by poor beer gobbling lechers and haunted by evil spirits. It is in this village that my story began to unfold, page after page, till this moment when my chin is no longer smooth, rather scraggy with a huge beard and a massive head, and spooky fingers so accustomed to the pens and papers, and computer keyboards, and a lean body that is always up and down. Busy as ever.

We are almost late into the end of Jan, and the year not new anymore. It is not late to make resolutions for this year, is it? Not really. Some of us are always late, but also considerate. We take time to iron out options and get our priorities right, right? Well, that is a lie.

With most of the rest of the humanity having up come up with new resolutions, many of which they may never accomplish, I stood there watching, cold in mind and in less haste. I think I was afraid of carrying my body over to 2016. Honestly I was scared, especially with the Njaanuary thing that made my pants wet with sweat. Now that it is almost over and we start kicking with loveliness stamped all over our faces, I can gather some confidence and strut across the room to the computer and key in my resolutions, not having to look around if there is a stunning lady watching my insecurities and perhaps wretchedness.

My diary is neat, even though it dates back, bearing a 2007 date on its bold cover. Down inside those covers lie a few resolutions meant to be followed resolutely by mzangila.


To be honest, I have never taken my writing with required seriousness. I do it for sheer fun, giving less consideration of being peak at it. The promissory oath I take this year is to do at least two peaces a week. A writer knows what I mean by that.


If you don’t believe that reading gives you power over others, then you perhaps need to give it a shot. Another oath, now made under powerful prayers to God, is to read at least a book weekly. Isn’t that much to ask myself? Sure, but I have discovered the secret to inner nourishment and outward confidence. It is in there. In the books. I somehow purpose myself to read purpose oriented books. The books that make you eke your brain and think, learn and push you to take risks, get bashed and rise up, get going- because life must go on.

Being a better writer means more reading closely followed with transmission of those thoughts to books for others to read. So magical. And new friends.

People can talk. I mean anything. Even when you want tranquility around you, they can drag you to hell and back with words. But books, they talk to you only when you want them to. To ooze wisdom and knowledge, keeping you hooked easily and kicking alive with smiles and wonders.


A writer has to be a hornbill. He talks. He gets to learn stories. He probes. He eavesdrops conversations while pretending to be occupied with his own demons. He stalks people. That is his prime business. That is life of a writer; meeting new faces daily, striking chats, channeling questions and manipulating them to wherever he decides to. He wears a chubby face, greeting chaps all over and shouting.

But also he needs that ‘I hear that pin drop’ silence. It is in that silence that he collects thoughts, arranges episodes, revels upon his pieces, reacts to critics through deep thinking. That moment is important in a writer’s life.

For me, I rather have decided to lengthen those ‘me’ moments. Nothing like soul searching or meditation, but enjoying the beauty of silence for a while. Don’t confuse it with keeping of people. In a world full of billions, who pump the energy on your blog, you maintain that positive and warm charm.


Trust me I hardly comprehend what Bae means. I hope it means something close to people we can cling to closely when tides rise and don’t seem like they are ebbing soon.

Loneliness scares me. As much I may display that calm me, candid and confident, deep inside me is the other insecure guy who can’t hold it together without a life director. That director matters like hell matters to satan. So I am expecting proposals on my table from this moment.

Qualifications: The inside me just needs someone warm. Someone not bothered with affairs outside the important. Beauty is a plus. Since my momma never raised me beer gobbling bimbo, wouldn’t want some floozie who has been all up and down life, putting enough trust on her hands when holding long-necked bottles every week, with those ‘come-play-with-me’ blue eyes.


The art of making man is every other man’s humongous dream. Remember, he who has money is never really alone. Money buys confidence. Money turns clowns to pageants.

I have plans. With the kind of Njaanuary have had, coming up with #REFUSETOBEBROKE tag kind of thing in my mind is already king. Hope it won’t play me arsehole instead of hustle.

You have heard of young men running wild into being peddlers of illegal stuff and joining Al-shabaab because they saw dollar signs. Everyone else jeopardizes their moral conscience for dollar signs. You can buy the world with it.

I wanna live in some oppulent flat with my ass out in the sun, no longer babbling with words because I fear boss, my tongue sticking out like a lizard when Njaanuary poverty heat srokes stroke our all selves, but stick it out coz I am having mouth diarrhea of the nasty scene of boiled sukuma week. A flat by the ocean, and a private beach.

I know I’m now being dramatic and delusional. But that is my dream. Make some money to keep me on my toes.


Over the last few years I have been promising myself to purchase an indulging suit, strewn in the streets of Italy. Even if it is just one. But that was before my mind changed into having a kaunda suit first. I hear it is cheap as well a revered in Mwisho Wa Lami.

Let us say I get the money. Right? Then I will have to spend it. Spending it means getting myself a suit. Just one to ‘disturb the air around’ and put me on a new list of “suit owners.”



Friends. This thing called friends is an animal. I have to deal with it brutally. I want a change of company and new ostentatious circle of quality friends. Don’t misconstrue it with ejecting friends. Nuh. Just limiting the “touch”.

It is with no doubt that most of my friends are female. Well, how else do you know I am a man? A kisii for that case. The least you can expect from such friends is words, just words to help you pass time. Even of there is nothing important. They need not to struggle with hustle or other knack cracking stuff like these male species, just comfortable and fed to the mouth with their parents.

That time……can be important somewhere….making money perhaps.


I have got three classes running around here. Writing masterclass, mentorship class and love and relationship class. All these classes have one aim; to change the story. With an array of experiences accrued all over life from a number of endevours, I have been able to change lives. It is my calling. I can’t run from it. And the journey is still on.

Dedication will be highly essential. Prepared to the neck for this classes, with a helping arm of KCB GROUP, expect a lot. At least some men and women somewhere believe in.

So I helped some lady, old enough to be an aunt to come out of her derriere, a bad one. She had got life messed up to her neck and clouds clogging her eyes. When I removed those clogs, she was able to convince KCB Group that I had a chance of unclogging other charred souls in Karatina Varsity. I salute her.


I have motivated people to make a life, though I never got anyone to do that job to me except this guy called Steve who keeps telling me, you have to take risk. I believe a lot in his rather simple statement.

Since it is a journey, I am talking it to higher levels, establishing my brand and sharing what God gave me brains to do.

I also have seen people whom I have been their sole bible. By coming out in day and spinning my life around to a better position I might be a more reliable bible for them and others too.


Money again. People kill each other for money. So who am I not to pay my debts in due time? It creates trust and embeds confidence.

If I owe you, I am on the way. Just be patient.


Finally. I will give a hotshot of plenty of exercises and food to my soul. The soul is everything,not the body. It is the most important investment that can only be validated by a healthy lifestyle, one that bring peace, warmth, and even charm to oneself.

Till next time.

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